Today’s Selfie !

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I asked Lamprini for her permission, in order to post her tweet. And the wonderful girl said : “Of course you have my permission. The purpose of these tweets of mine is the encouragement, not the pitifulness. We are able to fight back. We are able to fight cancer. We have the strength. Thank you for publishing this. It is an honor.”

_ The honor is all mine, Lamprini.

decorative lines
decorative lines

“This is my Selfie !  Today’s Selfie !  And this is where my smile and my strength are hidden.  Let’s GO !  With the thunder or the rain, Life is Still Beautiful.”

_ @lamprinaki5

7 thoughts on “Today’s Selfie !

    1. Thank you, dear Sir, for your wishes. It is a twitter friend, a young and wonderful lady, and she is getting well. She had the idea of sharing her adventure with the rest of us – through her tweets- in order to encourage everyone and anyone who is in such adventure to give the fight. I will pass your wishes to her. Thank you.


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