Meta Widget and Security

Meta Widget and Security

_ This is important, dear !

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No matter if you’ re at : blog . wordpress . com OR at : boughtdomain . com

In case you use this widget, the “META” widget, and you wish to add Users by allow ANYONE to RESISTER, make sure NOT to Give the Keys of your blog / site / website.

Go to the General Settings of your blog to un-check the field “allow anyone to register”, if you don’t wish anyone to register.  Or, if you wish to add new users by allow anyone to register, to give the general role “Subscriber”.  Otherwise you’re giving the Keys of your blog without knowing it !

Strictly, and ONLY to users that you know and you trust, you may want to  give a different role.

Ps : Think of it for a second.  The “META” widget takes its place at your site bar, and it is accessible to anyone !  If -by mistake- the option of the role of the new users -you allow to register-  is checked on the “Administrator” or anything else, then the new users are only a click away from your dashboard.  They have access to everything and anything !

Outosego breaker

Outosego breaker

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