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Crew up : Jobs

_ Jobs :

Dear !  I find this group very interesting !  This is a facebook group !  A public one.  And it is about jobs !  “Everything and anything” around the media, per se and so to speak.

_ I like their way !  Which is the following :

– I want a photographer for three days, for this and for that…

– I want a camera man for a week, for this and for that …

– I want a make-up expert for a month, and for this film, and for this and for that…

– Looking for a Driver with an RV or Production Truck for 2 days in Nov: 9th and 10th. Driver will drive between two locations on the 9th in North Hollywood and on the 10th will be parked at base camp. Will not be used for filming.

– Looking for Outosego ! Where have you been, man ?! Here’s a check.  1.000.000 $ for a week.  You’ re the best !

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Crew up

Check and Join if you’re interested : Crew up | fb. group

4 thoughts on “Crew up : Jobs

      1. .

        So nice to hear you’ re satisfied. If you’ re satisfied, the soul do not suffer. And if you’ re getting paid well from the job, the soul is in heaven, dear… lol … C’ est un plaisir … haha…

        Ps: I’m doing well, dear. Thank you for asking.


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