The Old Orchestra

Min les tipota | Don’t say anything
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I like the “Old” Orchestra. I find this a bit more classy, when i compare this with the Eurovision contest today ! Wonderful musicians -in wonderful suits- playing live the music during the contest. This isn’t that old ! Old, but not that old.

This is my parents’ era. Beautiful women, in beautiful dresses. 1969, or 1970 must be the year of this contest, somewhere in Spain or Portugal. I have no idea. Nevertheless, i find this one wonderful. Simple but wonderful at the same time.

decorative lines

13 thoughts on “The Old Orchestra

    1. I like these “silly” things. I appreciate them. This is the only way to “fight” back, or to have some kind of a break from the serious things, dear Rubal.

      On the other hand, this is a wonderful opportunity for whoever is reading our comments, and he/she is a teen, to get a taste of a period which is well known for the changes and the “revolution” of the teens of that era back then. Especially, through music and dance, they were expressing this kind of “revolution”.

      Someone might say :” this is a silly way”. It isn’t. If he/she insists on his/her opinion, it is because he/she misses the whole picture of the era (political, social, etc.), and some years before this “revolution”.

      Ps: Thanks again, Olga. Enjoy !


      1. And many thanks to you, for giving me the opportunity to write a few words on this topic. I’m more than sure that you know what i’m talking about.

        You ‘re an extremely educated and cultivated creature. Thank you, Olga.


    1. No problem, just found it to my spams, and i approved it. THANK YOU, RUBAL ! I love it !

      Ps : I’ve configured my comments not to display immediately more than one link in a comment. It isn’t your fault, or an error coming from your side. Because some spammers hit with a bunch of links !


  1. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share with you this video of hers singing a song —it belongs to a film she starred— that I find funny and amusing and got to be very popular for some time onwards. She has been capable of acting the most dramatic roles to the most fun and foolish. Anyway, I find this one so cheerful and silly I wanted to share it. The melody is sure oldish, but it tickles. Nice easy mood. There it goes: https://youtu.be/L2SG1P86JCQ


    1. Dear !!! THANK YOU !!!

      You can’t imagine how much i appreciate this information of yours, dear Rubal ! I like to listen to this song, and i always like to watch this video clip. And every time i listen to this wonderful lady in the beginning, making the introduction, i say to thyself : “Listen to her voice, Outosego. How wonderfully she introduces the song, the orchestra, the singer, etc. Wonderful articulation. Wonderful voice color. Her face a wonderful sun ! ”

      Thank you, Rubal, for introducing to me the wonderful Concha Velasco.


      1. Oh, that makes so happy. Concha Velasco has been an icon in the history of Spanish film ever since the 50s or so. She’s been a fantastic artist, still is, and has touched all the facets of artistry on stage and behind a camera. Happy to have provided this information an that you shared this video so I could see her in another facet of hers! 🙂


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