Gregory Porter

it’s, probably, Me !

The One and Only : Gregory Porter

Ps : Just found out that this only works if you visit my blog ! Sorry for the inconvenience, fellow bloggers !.. lol
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13 thoughts on “it’s, probably, Me !

      1. Yes, undoubtedly, Crystal. I would feel the same, also. Especially, if i knew that these wonderful lyrics and melody became the world’s anthem for a period of time. And still, this is a wonderful creation, which means it has become classic.

        Ps: The song -music and lyrics- was co-written by Eric Clapton and Michael Kamen.


      2. You’ re welcome, Crystal. You’ re like me, i want to know everything… haha… And i say to Thyself : “Now, Outosego, that is still early !”


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