Margaret Thatcher

No One Liked Maggie

Outosego breaker

No One Liked Maggie, back then.  Someone was voting for her, though.  Not my business to judge anyone.  Never lived in UK.  I never walked the walk wearing their shoes.  Nevertheless, i remember the time back then.

I, also, remember asking a friend of mine -who happens to live in UK- a few questions.  She is married to a wonderful British guy.  They, happily, live together in the UK, for the moment.

I asked her : “What do you think ?  And what are you going to vote during the referendum ?”.  She answered : “It doesn’t matter what i think, i won’t vote.  The reason i won’t vote is because i respect the British, i’m their guest.  Someone might say “You have the citizenship, you have any legal right to go and to vote, or whatever.”  However, ethically, i don’t feel i have the right.  And the idea that my vote will have some kind of an effect on this matter will kill me.  It is the British who they should have the first and the last word on this referendum.”

Which means, dear friends, that is another thing to speak from a distance, and another thing to walk the walk.  Another thing to speak from a distance, and another thing to live with the British, or the Americans, or the French, or the Russians, or the Indians, or the Chinese, or whatever might be the place or the foreign land.

The foreign land will be always a foreign land, no matter if you fall in love with the foreign land, or if you have all the typical legal rights.  The place you were born will be always closer or next to your heart and mind as “Home”.  No matter if you were treated like a dog, or if you experienced the worst experiences.  I think this is normal, psychologically speaking, per se and so to speak… lol…

Anyway, dear friends.  I think, though, there was some kind of life before the establishment of any kind of union on this planet.

Outosego breaker

Especially for the European Union -this goes to the politicians, not to the wonderful people of Europe – and because of how things have turned around, i’ll write a few words from Dante’s Divine Comedy.  Inferno, Canto One:

“Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita, mi ritrovai per una selva oscura, ché la diritta via era smarrita”

Outosego breaker

I have friends coming from the UK.  Some wonderful people.  I understand their agony for what is going to happen after the so-called “Brexit”.

I don’t like the term “Brexit”, dear.  Not at all.  I think that the creators of this term are bums.  Not good people, dear.  Not at all.  I think they are the same creators of another term which is the term : “PIGS”.  The same bums, dear, are the creators of the term “PIGS”.

A Brit friend wrote in a comment under a post : “I’m prepared for the worst”.  I think, dear, that we all should be prepared for the worst.  My opinion is that the UK will do just fine, no matter what path the British will decide to follow.  Additionally, i wouldn’t be surprised if some other countries will follow the path that the UK will decide to follow.  Not surprised at all, dear !

Margaret Thatcher

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