The God's Dream

Him, His Self and He

The Archetype and The God’s Dream :

  He was playing with his toys.  The Boss !  He was all by himself.  All on his own, dear.  One day !  Everything and anything was in order.  No chaos !  Fake news !

He had his bed, his pillow, his kitchen, a chair to sit, a table to eat.  And some bottles of whiskey.  And Godinger Cigar glasses.  Set of two.  From bed and bath and beyond !  Exclusively His !

Godinger Cigar glasses

He got tired, though.  And He decided to take a nap.  The recommended one.  For some 20-30 minutes.   He knew the benefits of napping, the do’s and don’ts.  And, So He Did !

The God's Dream

For the very first time He saw a dream !  Oh !  Out of Sudden !  Per se or so to speak !  The Dream :  The seventh day, you ‘ll be dead.  You’ll be dead.  Wake up and do something.

What a nightmare !  And to whom to say ?  To whom to speak ?  He was ALL ALONE !  ALL by HimSelf !  Loneliness !  Not a melodic one !  Now, He knew what Loneliness is, and how it feels.

“Not easy to deal with it”, He said.  “I NEED a Drink”, he said.  “And probably to drink until i get drunk”, He said.  “There is hope in this glass of whiskey !  To forget !  Or i’ll go dead !”, He said.

New words in the vocabulary !  Out of Sudden !  Out of nowhere, per se or so to speak.  What a nightmare !  A bit of a terror !  New word, also !  Some kind of agony !  Fuck and Shit !  New words, also !  “I feel depressed, a kind of stress”, He said.  New words !

A whole New World of Words, dear.

“World ?  Words ?  What’s this, and what is going on ?  This is my Home !  The One and Only I Am !  Per se or so to speak !  The very First !  A very cool type, and The Archetype !”, He said.

“I need a cigar, now, to cool a bit down. “, He said again.  “This is nothing more than… Feelings !  I wish i’ ve never met you, Dream, and to never come again, in my life.”

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