Dylan Thomas

Τί κάθεσαι ; Εδώ πέρα ;

Τί κάθεσαι ; Εδώ πέρα ; Και σαπίζεις.
Τί κάθεσαι ; Εδώ πέρα ; Και πεθαίνεις.

Dylan Thomas

4 thoughts on “Τί κάθεσαι ; Εδώ πέρα ;

  1. This out a smile on my face this cold winter day! Even though I don’t know the words I absolutely love the music. Especially the accordion!! I play accordion but not near that well but love to hear the music! Plus if I am correct this is at the Odeon in Athens!! My bucket list is to hear a concert there someday!!! Thanks for sharing!!


    1. You play accordion, dear ?! This is wonderful ! I have no talent in playing musical instruments. I’m untalented, dear ! Completely untalented. I think i have a good ear, though ! I think both ears of mine are ok… lol…

      In ancient Greece, if you didn’t know to play the guitar, you were considered of a low cultivation… lol… According to their standards, i’m low !!!… lol…

      During my mother’s era, the high cultivation standards were to play the piano and to speak French !…lol…

      They were using the word “cultivation”, not the word “education”, to make sure we’ll feel the pain…lol…

      Ps : Yes, Lori, this is the Herodeion, or The Odeon of Herodes Atticus. On the slope of Parthenon. When you look up, you see the Thesaurous. This is the name for the small building to the right of the main entrance of the Acropolis which leads to the Parthenon. I think “Treasury” is a word that will help you understand it a bit better. You’ll be able to see these small monuments -buildings all over the archaeological sites. They were keeping in there some money or gifts to the Gods, gifts of value, etc.

      I wish you to have the chance to find yourself in this Odeon one summer night. For many reasons, and not only for some musical performances or theatrical ones. However, it is common -during the summer- to use the theatre for different kind of performances, and not only for the greek artists, but for artists from all over around the world, which is awesome.

      The man who is singing is a famous one to the greek audience. This was a performance dedicated to a wonderful composer who is gone. This composer had a talent not only in writing music and melodies, but in writing poetry, also. He liked Dylan Thomas, and he wrote a poem. Then, he wrote the melody for this poem.

      It is supposed that Dylan Thomas has a discussion with a poet of “ours”. And Dylan Thomas’ words are the following :

      What are you doing sitting here ? Rotting away !

      There is no place for you here, to stand (to stay).

      Unabled, towards the sun, you breeze the ruins and the rags of your soul.

      What are you doing sitting here ? And dying !

      What are you doing sitting here looking for new prayers ?

      You see the mess, but you’ re silent.

      What are you doing sitting here, rotting away ? Here, they do not love the crazy.

      During the nights, you flutter, bloody, with wings, of nonexistent for the many.

      That’s what he said, to a poet of ours…
      And towards the Moon he left… The Dylan Thomas…


      Ps : Dylan Thomas died young, at the age of 39.


      1. Thanks for the information! What a nice poem! I am hoping one day I will see a performance there! Last fall when we were in Athens we just didn’t get there! The performer was a pop American who wasn’t our favorite. Maybe next time! And I do play accordion but not well!! Lol! It has been said that I play better if I’ve had a drink or two and I sound better if everybody else has a drink or two!! Lol!! No matter, it’s fun!!


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