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  1. A curious new thing: on your site, I can like and still not comment. Ok. I like.
    I wanted to tell you that I found this video really nice, I go back to the wordpress reader.
    And there, paf, I can re-like? And comment.
    So I don’t really understand what I like ? 🙂
    But I tell you: I loved this video (the others too, but it’s a little bit tedious these round trip site, the reader, find the video etc.)

    1. Thank you for your comment, dear. Most of the videos i test are a bit incomplete. Because i check certain aspects. Mostly i work with the pics, not with the video editor that much.

      Ps: Thank you for the observation of yours. The one for the way things function. Some of them is because of the wp_ servers. I still try to figure out some others but the help i get from the wp is not that great. So, i try to find out on my own.

        1. Dear ! You can’t imagine the Revenge !!! Everything and anything will be written on my guides ! The most wonderful part will be ” how to move around, and to sell things, words and stuff without having to upgrade to the business plan “. Magnifique ? !

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