A girl for two

1963. A girl for two.

3 thoughts on “1963. A girl for two.

    1. Spot on, Gen – X ! You’ re accurate when you say ” it looks fun and flirty”.

      1963 ! Imagine ! I think you remember we had a discussion about the generations of different eras, somewhere on a previous post. This generation is the generation of the “revolution” of the 60 and mostly 70s, all over around the world. Through music, and etc.

      This is an excerpt from a comedy. The man is the brother of a famous professor (in the movie). The professor is against marriage and love, and he writes books on the topics. The girl is his secretary. And when she works with the professor she has a very conservative look and she follows a very conservative dressing code. Professor’s young brother (who he likes to live life to the full) saw her in a night club, dancing so sexy, and wearing the wonderful dress you see. And he can’t believe his eyes !… lol…


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