M. Taggart : A thought is like a ship

M. Taggart : A thought is like a ship

M. Taggart : Set Sail

15 thoughts on “M. Taggart : A thought is like a ship

    1. Thank you, Gav ! Matt is a wonderful writer/poet. Accidentally and at the same time, i was taking a look at some pieces of art, of a painter of an old era, and i had the sea in mind and some old stories from sailors which are expressed through poetry. And i saw Matt’s poem which is a nice epigram. Then, i said to Thyself “Let’s try it”. Despite the fact i like it, though, i want to find a way to make the words a bit more vivid. This is ok for a start.

      Ps : How are you doing. Gav ? I saw some pictures of yours with some more fireworks !!!… lol Wonderful pictures. And of course i saw the “flat” moon of yours. I like the way you described the different approaches on the topic. And of course, i enjoyed the pictures of the moon !


      1. That’s brilliant, I’ll have to have a look at some of Matts work 🤗

        I’m doing great thanks my friend, how are you? We took the girls up the hill to look out over the Cheshire plain and watch all the fireworks, better up there for the view, and not so noisy for delicate little ears! 😄


      2. I’m good ! I’m trying to log in into my site but i can’t …lol… This is so funny ! And that’s why you see my twitter avatar next to this comment box.

        I’m a bit pissed with wordpress. This has happened to me again. It isn’t because of the password. The password is written on a paper. Something weird is happening. Anyway, i’m glad to hear you had a wonderful time with the family. Your pictures are always awesome. Matt is great.


    1. I’m glad you like it, Matt. I’m really happy. Actually, i was trying to edit a short video having in mind the sea and a special wonderful painter of an old era. And then, i saw your poem, and i said to Thyself “This coincidence is so awesome !”.


      1. Oh gosh ! Didn’t expect this !

        I would like to ask what happened to him but you don’t have to answer if you don’t wish to. The old sailors had stories to tell. Wonderful stories. And they had some kind of a certain phychology. Actually, you listen to an excerpt of a song which was re-edit in a more modern (experimental) version. The lyrics are wonderful. i translated this one and i dedicated to a friend of mine who was British, and a gentleman.

        I have a coffee house
        next to the sea, on the harbour

        It is build from the tears of those who stay, and of those who wait

        And always listens to the same tales, of those who stay, and of those who wait

        For voyages and for travels of those who stay, and of those who wait

        I have a coffee house, an old wreckage

        How, wish I, it was a ship

        For those who stay and wait



      2. That’s very nice. The song.. My grandfather departed on the early side do to an illness that he, from what I’m told, did nothing to manage. Unfortunately I know very little about his time serving on the water. There are only a few photos of him in uniform to remind me.


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