Yannis Spanos | Giannis Spanos

Institut Français d’Athènes :

Un grand compositeur, celui que l’on surnommait le « père de la nouvelle vague » en Grèce, un grand ami de la France, s’est éteint hier.

A great composer, the so-called “father of the new wave” in Greece, a great friend of France, died yesterday.

Outosego breaker
Yannis Spanos | 1971

23 thoughts on “Yannis Spanos | Giannis Spanos

      1. Hello ! Well, it’s a lot of work… but it’s amazing. Now we try to find the better ‘way’ for a VR short show. We have 50 s of motion capture. What to do with that ? is the question !!! Merci 🙂


      2. You’ re welcome, dear. I find the idea of the short shows, clever !

        To be honest, i don’t quite understand the ” 50 s of motion capture’. Which means i don’t know what you should do with that !… lol…

        Ps: Congrats for your new theme. I like it. And by the way, i always wanted to ask, but for some reason i never asked… lol…

        Is it Barbara who i have the honor to speak with ? The obstinate and the passionate ? The designer of the project ?

        You don’t have to answer, dear, if you do not wish to. I’m asking because i always mention you as the Theatre Altair …lol…


      3. Yes, Barbara is on the mike tonight 🙂 I’m the one that this site amuses the most, to tell the truth
        We realized in September that we could not write with many hands – so I take the posts of my friends (in French), I translate as I can and I search on WordPress to find Bosses, Papas , creators, friends & co.
        I like this new theme too, thank you ! 🙂


      4. It is an honor, Barbara. You are doing a wonderful job, dear. The next question i’d like to ask is if you give permission to create a short video for the Threatre Altair.

        I see some pictures down to the left, on this page of yours. Are these from your performances ? Do you have another link which leads to a photo gallery ?

        Too many questions, dear, sorry !


      5. Permission, you’re kidding!
        Of course! 🙂

        For the different videos, it depends. Altair is still a project, the real theater where we work is called the Archipelago. And I really want to realize the Archipelago, better, because we will not have the French constraints – which are very very painful and heavy financially (it is a parenthesis French Bashing). I think you can use them, as long as the clip is short (I know your videos, they’re just fine for that)

        The link… I don’t think so. I have all my pictures on wordpress (you know the famous : media) but but but… I didn’t built a large gallery with it. if you want I put this in link tomorrow night. You’re… trop génial 🙂


      1. Thank you!! I enjoy writing them, it’s like extending my vacation and reliving it a bit!!!I enjoy your posts as well and all the information I receive from you!!! I’m slowly learning all of the different social media’s.


      2. I understand what you’re saying. The feeling is wonderful. With a bit of nostalgia, but wonderful, nevertheless.

        Personally, i’m a bit tired, Lori. I will slow down a bit. I’ve come up with some results from the experiments of mine with the wp. com. There is no meaning to extend things further. Now, i’ll relax a bit, and i’ll try to focus in order to write my guides (more than one). I wish to be able to make it. Take care, Lori. It is always nice talking to you. Thank you for passing by, dear.


    1. Thank you, Laura and David. I wish you are both doing great. How is it going ?

      Ps : Yannis, and the people of his generation from all over around the world, are very interesting personas. Historically speaking ! Thanks again, Laura and David.


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