That Summer | Yannis Spanos

That Summer | Yannis Spanos

That Summer | Yannis Spanos

7 thoughts on “That Summer | Yannis Spanos

    1. haha… Nyri ! Thank you for making me laugh a bit. Actually, this is an interesting observation of yours. Because -without knowing it- you’ re helping me to write a few words on this observation of yours.

      Elena Nathanail was an actress. A wonderful and a beautiful one. She is -approximately- 19 years old in this picture. What is rare here is that the ministry of culture gave permission to a French magazine -the “Paris Match”, back in 1966- for some photographs with some wonderful ancient jewelries ( the real ones – not an imitation).

      Yannis Spanos -who was a wonderful composer, and he died a few days ago- composed (or wrote, if you wish) some melodies for a few movies back then, for the greek and european cinema. The music of the video is from a film, and Elena was one of the actresses in that movie back then.


    1. He was wonderful. A humble man. Extremely talented. He belongs to a period, or to a generation -if you wish- which is really interesting historically. Not only Yannis, but most of the people from all over around the world who belong to this generation.


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