double line of sharing buttons

Double line of Sharing Buttons

double line of sharing buttons

__ It is written : 

Hi there!

I’ll be happy to assist you with your query.

To understand what im saying i;m sending you the following picture. You’ ll see a double line of social media.

I checked and I also see the same when I enter the customizer. I think this is a sort of plugin conflict, and going through the standard troubleshooting steps might help.

  1. Disable all plugins except Jetpack, Akismet, and AMP
  2. Refresh the site, check if the issue persists
  3. If no, then activate plugins one-after-other to see which plugin is causing the issue.
  4. If yes, then please let us know

Let us know if you have any other questions, and we’d be happy to help!



I did what the happy wp .com engineer advised me to do.  But not in order to fix the above issue, of course, since the above has nothing to do with some kind of a plugin conflict.  I’m surprised that the engineer had no clue !

The double line of the sharing buttons under a post, or a front page occurs when someone checks on the following box, by the time he/she configures the sharing buttons, not far away from his/her dashboard and the Wp_settings >marketing>sharing buttons :

Show buttons on Front Page, Archives, and Search Results creattes the double line

__ I’m disappointed, dear friends !  For many reasons !  I’m on the business plan, but it is obvious to me that you cannot have a web business under these circumstances.  Wp_com is wonderful, but not for business.

Imagine that the problems i mention are not because of the plugins.  The number of the plugins i have already installed are nothing if you compare my site with some other sites.  Actually, i have no plugins working on my site right now.  They are all deactivated, except from the ones the engineer mentions above.  Still, though, and despite i rewound and restored the site to a previous date, i have problems.  These problems are not because of the plugins right now. 

__ Anyway, let me play a song using the Tumblr.  We must have some kind of available possibilities, dear !… lol …


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