Just a vitest, after i rewound the site

Using the Coblocks :

Pasting a vimeo video to this post of mine, and just only vimeo.  The size is 1080×1920 .  Standard type of post.  No featured image :


i. Pasting the address of the vimeo video in an “Add Classic” coblock :


ii. Pasting the shortcode, plus loop, in the same coblock:


iii. Pasting the address in a vimeo coblock

iv. Inserting the vimeo url in a video coblock :

Ps 1 :  Yesterday -after i rewound and restored the site to a previous date- i wrote a post.  The visitors -and I- were able to view it on the Wp_Reader.  And able to visit the site via the “Visit Site” button, the one on the top and to the right of the Wp_Reader.

After a while i created a second post.  With only 3 vimeo video links in it.  No featured image.  Standard type of post.  The post didn’t make it to the Wp_Reader.  It was never displayed on the Wp_Reader.  The title of this post is : “Drs”.  You can see it on the side bar under the recent posts.  Additionally -and when someone visits the post at my site- there is a bunch of bloggers being displayed who they have liked the post, which i really doubt this has happened, since the post wasn’t visible on the Wp_Reader.


Ps 2 :  This might be an early conclusion (which i doubt).  But upgrading a site to the Wp .com Business Plan is something i do not recommend.  Especially, if someone wants to use woo commerce, or similar plugins for his/her business.  Not because the plugins have issues (sometimes they have), but because of the way Wp .com has set up itself.  I’ ll write more details on this, in an upcoming post of mine in the future.

One thought on “Just a vitest, after i rewound the site

  1. __

    As you may have noticed, the vimeo video, the one for which i wrote a shortcode in my post, is being displayed differently at my site (full size). There is no difference with the rest of the vimeo vids -which i placed in the same post- when you view it on the Wp_Reader.



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