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Follow Blogger issue | Wp Com

__ Not an error, dear !… 

Most of the bloggers think that this is an error.  They can’t explain why they have to click on the “Follow” button when they visit the blogger’s site.  Since they have already clicked on the “Follow” button, long time ago.

I don’t blame them.  I had the same thoughts on this issue.  I said Thyself, though : “Not a big of a deal !… Let’s hit the button again !  Or let’s leave it as is !  Don’t get bothered !  Not in a mood to click on the “Follow” today ! “.

Actually, this shit confirms some results from my experiments.  This is not an error.  This can be only excused from the way Wp .Com has set up itself.  A different behavior when someone is at wordpress .com, and a different behavior when someone is at boughtdomainname .com .  Because you get “same” service from different servers.  This explains a lot, and it means a lot.

__ Example :

The following wonderful blogger is at boughtdomainname .com.  At passcodelove .com, and NOT at passcodelove .wordpress .com :

i. ) When on Wp_Reader, you -and I- can see that i’m following, since i hit the “Follow” button when i first saw the blogger on the Wp_Reader, and not by searching the blog/site/website on Google, or some other search engine.

Follow blogger issue at Wp Com

ii. )  This picture is when i’m on the blog/site/website of the blogger.  You can see the “Follow” button which is unchecked, but i, already, follow the blogger, according to the previous picture.

Follow blogger issue at Wp Com

Ps 1 : Actually, this is not a big of a deal.  However, this helps -and helped me- to understand a few other things. You won’t have the same issue as long as you follow someone who is at domainname. wordpress .com

Ps 2 : This Post was Originally Published on boughtoutosego .com, who supports Coca Cola, and Coca Cola supports boughtoutosego .com with some money.  Thank you, Coca Cola !  You’ re amazing, dear !

Ps 3 :  The next funny thing is that you, already, Liked my post.  I Just hit the “Publish” button, though ! 

already liked post lol

4 thoughts on “Follow Blogger issue | Wp Com

      1. Wonderful !

        Ps 1: i’m, also, slow ! Not a problem, dear ! I’m a bit more slow, though. Not the usual slow speed ! I suspect it is because of some wp conflicts ! Only God knows, though ! But he keeps his mouth firmly shut.

        Ps 2: Do you mind if i ask you a question ? I think you don’t. Did you see this post of mine on the Wp_Reader ? Because i, still, can’t see it rolling on the feed ! LOL !!!


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