Site rewound (not a back up)

Site rewound | interesting observations for the wp com

To be or not to be at the Wp .com ?

Just, and just only a question, dear !  

I invite the people who declare specialists -on the topic “WordPress”- to give their answers to the following observations.  

I have every reason, though, to suspect that they won’t.  Despite the fact that they write articles on the topic “WordPress”.  I have every reason to suspect that they are bullshiting us.  For good, and for sure.  NOT all of them,  but most of them.  They belong to the category :  Specialists my A..   !

NOT all of them, but most of them.

Outosego breaker

__ I installed and i activated a plugin, two days ago.  The name of the plugin is “Feedzy Rss Feeds Lite”.  

__ A friend, from the Altair Theatre -by the way, visit the Altair Theatre, they are wonderful- wrote a message :

“Hey there, Outosego, what is going on ?  I visit your site through the Wp_Reader, and it takes some hours to load !  Is it because of me, or are you up to something ?  Or you ruined your site with your F…n videos ?  Or is it the fu…n Mozilla, the browser i use ?  Or is it because of the distance and the F…n servers who they should serve us, but they don’t ?  Or this and that ?  Or is it because of the techies, whom you’re pissed with ! Oh, i get it now !  Now i understand why you’ re pissed with the “blogging artists” !”


__ Gav, sent a message, also !  Gav is a friend from Wales.  He is an awesome photographer !  I think you already know.  In case you don’t, take a look here :  and here : Gav Astley | Flickr .  Gav wrote :

“Good evening, hope you are well! 🤗. Just thought I’d should mention I can’t comment or like your posts on WordPress anymore? 🤷🏻‍♂️

__ Thank you, Altair Theatre, and Gav, for this observation and warning comments of yours.  You don’t know how much i appreciate these comments.  Thank you ! 

This is the wonderful thing with the community, dear friends !

Outosego breaker

Plugins and site performance :

Plugins are wonderful, dear friends.  Some times, they are NOT, though.  I have to admit there are some awesome people behind this kind of creation.  Some of the people are techies with whom i’m pissed !… lol…  Nevertheless, they deserve my appreciation.  Because they try to make our life easier, and not only !

Some plugins, though, do not work the proper way, or they create conflicts.  For many reasons, they create conflicts.  One of the reasons is the way the Wp .Com works. 

This is why they have the following info : and the following info :

The only info they do not have is :  “Feel safe to use this and that, my wonderful customer !  These plugins create no conflicts with the Wp .Com”. 

And they “forget” to write a few things on how they work when you upgrade your site to a plan where you can use plugins, or when you buy your domain name, the one without the “wordpress” in the middle. I assume you suspect what i mean.  

And they “forget” to explain why you have two dashboards.  And many more !

Outosego breaker

Feedzy and url :

I noticed that -after the installation of the Feedzy plugin- when i visited my site via the Wp_Reader, the url wasn’t a “clear” one.  It was like this :

If you click on the link above and because i rewound the site to a previous date, you won’t find the article when you are on my site, and you’ ll see the following picture with the message : “Oops ! Page cannot be found !”

page can't be found

The “weird” thing is that you can find the same lost/”deleted” post of mine, and to read it, or watch the video, or whatever, when you are on the Wp_Reader !  As if nothing has happened !  I’ll tell you next time what this means.  I will wait for some “blogging artists’ to write their opinion.  They must have some answers !  They are specialists !  They write articles on the topic “WordPress”.  They give advises !

Customizer :

When i first upgraded my site to the business plan, i installed a plugin with the name : “Add to any share buttons”.  Not a bad plugin, actually.  But a double line of share buttons appeared under my posts ! 

I said to Thyself this is normal.  Not nice, but normal, since the one line must be the wp_sharing buttons i enabled, and the second line must be the plugin’s.  Because of this, and because of some other conflicts created by other plugins, i asked the wp_engineers to go back to a previous status, before the plugin installation, but without losing the business plan.  To go back through a back up !  We had a big discussion on this, and for many reasons.  I wrote an article on this.  You’ll find it in a category of mine which is entitled : “Blocked”, for the blocked blogger.

Despite the fact we went back, to a previous status before any plugin installation, when i’m on the customizer i see -sometimes- the double line with the sharing buttons.  I’ve noticed a few other things, also, with the typography or fonts.   This means something, but i won’t write anything for the moment.  I will wait for the “blogging artists and specialists” to give an answer.


Performance of the site :

All the above can have a bad impact to the performance of the site.  However, they are not the only ones.  Not the only ones, dear !

Ps :

You, maybe, are not able to view this post of mine when at my site, but i’m sure you can view and read it on the Wp_Reader.  Thank you for passing by, and for your likes and comments, dear friends.  Thank you, Altair Theatre.  Thank you, Gav.


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    1. Thank you, Narine. Can you see it when you visit my site ? Or you have loading issues when you click on “Visit Site” ? Do you have time to check and to tell ? Thank you, dear.


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