Which one ?

Vote, dear friends ! Which one ? Or None ?

Which one ?

20 thoughts on “Vote, dear friends ! Which one ? Or None ?

      1. This is wonderful, dear. Are you still the same awesome person i used to talk with during the past ? LOL !!! Just curious, dear ! As for me. i’ ok, dear, as ok as it can be! Thanks for asking.


      1. hahahahaha… same status here, Steve ! I won’t make you feel much better. Just saying, though !

        What happened to you ? It seems like I’ve missed something !


      2. A slight accident out walking a couple weeks ago jumping over a stream. Seems I tore a muscle in my groin which is extremely painful and I can barely walk around my apartment now. The doctor said to expect 2 months for recovery, perhaps longer if I’m not careful. Easy to keep injuring it. Kind of like having winter start early, since I’m stuck indoors! Certainly never expected something like this! Oh well, lessons to learn. I tend to take too many chances at times. Perhaps I should start being more careful!😁😸


      3. Sorry to hear this, Steve ! I wish you fast recovery, as fast as it can be ! How can i send some positive vibes ?

        Ps : I have an idea ! Write me a song you like to listen a lot …


      4. I would like to, but I don’t really listen to music much. I know, I’m strange. I actually like songs from the 1940s, even though that’s long before my time, don’t know why, just do. Thanks Outosego! Your wishes are much appreciated!


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