Suggestion to the young people | By Outosego

Who they want a way out, and they try to earn some f…n money through third parties, ad “institutes” and  “organizations”.

My advise is to HIT BACK, when you do not get what they promise you.  A big number of these third parties affiliate “institutes” are -unfortunately- a sad story. 

Not all of them, though.  But in order to understand who are the serious ones, it will take time, and you ‘ll have to swim in a pool full of shit.  Unfortunately !

You, already, know for my experiments, and that i’m writing a guide on the topic “WordPress”, and not only.  But, also, on how to promote Thyself.   Not their way, but my way.  You, already, know i’m NOT a techie, and you, already, know, this is WONDERFUL !

I’m pissed with the techies, dear darling ! The so-called “Blogging Specialists and Artists”.  Oh Gosh !

I have to admit, though, that i “owe” them.  Their bullshits helped Outosego to think … to think a bit differently.  To think -as much and as  possible this can be for a NON TECHIE and a NON SPECIALIST – on a chain of things.

Outosego breaker

__ Now, here’s an example, a real one, and a recent one :  

You all know “Barnes & Noble“.   Don’t you ?  A wonderful bookstore chain.  Really wonderful, dear friends.  They are, also, publishers.  And, of course, they sell words, things and stuff, through their “Barnes & Noble” on-line store

__ I made a few words linkable, in order to click on and to visit their website and get an idea of what “Barnes & Noble” is. 

__ Now, the funny part, or the tragic part of my recent story is the following.  Somehow, i can excuse “Barnes & Noble”.  Somehow, though !

They are big and they need third parties ad “institutes”.  Ad “insitutes”, dear darling !… LOL … OH GOSH !!!

Some “SPECIALISTS”, dear darling !!!  In order to promote their “Barnes & Noble” affiliate program !!!

They are BIG, dear darling !!! They can’t have anything under control !!!  They need third parties, “institutes”, LOL !!!  Affiliate “Specialists” !… LOL …

__ When you click -on the related with their affiliate program link- to read the info about their affiliate program, you’ ll get the following :

“How to join the Barnes & Noble Affiliate Program :
We partner with CJ Affiliate to provide our publishers with trusted third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission checks. If you are not already a CJ publisher, please sign up here.”

__ “Barnes & Noble” says : PLEASE, Outosego, join our partners, the CJ Afiiliates, to join us through them, … LOL …

Outosego is a kind and humble creature.  You, already, know this, don’t you ?  A bit suspicious, though ! 

However, i was listening to Elvis , by the time i was reading “Barnes & Noble” request.  “We can’t go on with suspicious minds”, Elvis was singing, dear darling. 

And this is why i said to Thyself : Elvis is right on this.  Let’s visit the CJ Affiliate partners of “Barnes & Noble, in order to become a “Barnes & Noble” partner… haha…

And to make reviews, dear, on their books, on the books they sell !  And to help them sell the wonderful writers they host in their bookstores.  Some wonderful writers, indeed !

And, of course, to earn some money, through this !  By helping them sell the writers and their books.  They ask for Outosego’ s help, dear darling ! 

They, already, know, that i’m the most reliable reviewer, and the most wonderful and trustful person when it comes the time to write a critique. 

I don’t chew my words, dear darling !!!  And i don’t care if they don’t like it much.  I care, though, that they already know i don’t chew my words, and that i can put a fire with my words !  And to send to HELL, dear darling, the one who has no place on the first place.  Because, he/she doesn’t deserve the first place, dear darling !  I know what the real yogurt is, dear darling ! 

Which means, i won’t get the job, dear darling… LOL !!!…  Elvis was wrong !  I Love you, Elvis.  But you were wrong on this, my dear King !  I think we CAN go on with suspicious minds, my wonderful King !  The only difference is that i have to walk my own walk.

__ Let’s go back, and to make the long story, short !  

Outosego, clicked, on : CJ “Barnes & Noble” Affiliates, in order to Sign Up :  

“Oh, let’s see what we have here !  Oh what a wonderful website !  Nice typography, and structure, and shit !  Oh, i have to click on this again !  Oh, i have to read the terms !  Ok, i read the terms !  Oh, i have to fill out a form !  Alright, let’s do it ! “

“How nice !  I read and i accepted the terms !  No problem, dear, i find your terms logical.   Checked… checked… checked… checked… The last hit, now ! On their “Accept” button.  Let’s hit it, dear darling.  In order for my form to travel and to reach them, and to take a look, and to answer back, and to say :

“You’ re the right person, Outosego !”.  Or to say :  “Sorry, Outosego, you’ re full of shit !”.  Or to say : “Outosego, you’ re no good, since your preference is not to chew your words, when you write a review.  We don’t like this.  You’ re gonna send our products to Hell !”  Or to say : “F… OFF, Outosego”.

__ Where was i ?  Oh, i was hitting the “Accept” button ! 

Nothing, dear darling !  The machine doesn’t swallow my form !  Unless, if they, already, know about my background, and they don’t like my face !  I doubt, though.  Let’s hit again the “Accept” button !  Nothing !!! 

“Ok, let’s spend some time, and start all over again !”, i said to Thyself ! 

“Checked… checked… checked… checked…”. 

The last hit, now ! On their “Accept” button.  Let’s hit it, dear darling.  In order for my form to travel and to reach them, and to take a look, and to answer back, and to say :  “F… OFF, Outosego !

NOTHING !!! It doesn’t swallow !!!

__ Next Step !

“Lets see if “Barnes & Noble” CJ Affiliates have a contact page !  How nice !  Oh, they have !

Contact Us CJ Affiliate
Unfortunately, my young people, NOTHING Special.

Outosego .com

__ Since, though, they have a Twitter account, let’s see if they know how to use it !  They are SPECIALISTS, dear darling !!!

They CANNOT BE MESSAGED, dear darling !!!  The Specialists !!!

OH, GOSH !!!

BUT THEY HAVE FOLLOWERS !!!  Thousands upon Thousands !!! 

Some politicians are gonna be jealous, dear !  Jealous of the “Barnes & Noble” CJ Affiliates !!!  CJ have followers !!! Thousands upon thousands !!!  … LOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL !!!

__ Ok, Outosego is not able to message them, but is able to tag them in a tweet post.  Let’s help them Wake UP, dear darling !

Outosego .com

__ The answer came a bit late. 

The CJ spesialists said to Outosego : We ‘ve just updated our DM (Direct Messages, which is something like the facebook inbox, where you can write, send and receive messages in the private mode).

So, they were waiting for Outosego, in order to “update” their DM !  I have to laugh a bit, dear darling !  They are not serious.  Not serious at all.  And, of course, Outosego, is not going to message them again, despite the fact they say : Feel Free, Outosego, to message us.  

__ NO, my CJ “Barnes & Noble” Affiliate partners, you’ re no good, NO GOOD for the job.  Sorry, to tell, and due all respect : you’ re NO GOOD.

Additionally, you should had messaged Outosego, already,  to say : Hey, dear darling, thank you for your screenshots and the details, and for addressing the problem.  Sorry, you had to go through this.  We’ ll fix things, and we’ll make your life easier, and the life of the people who trust us.  We’ ll send you a link to check our progress on this, and to make a review for once again.  We are good, you’ll see.

Outosego .com

__ The bottom Line :

The bottom line is that i don’t know the reason why a wonderful company like “Barnes & Noble” have such partners !  I do not get it, dear darling !  Additionally, i tagged @Barnes & Noble in one of my tweets, to help them get an idea of what is going on.   I think, though, they are Big & Happy, and they don’t care, dear darling.

That was it for today, dear friends, and my wonderful young people, who you struggle to find a way out.  I respect you, and this the reason i write this article.  Do as Outosego did.  

Take care and enjoy, since life is short.  At least, this is what they say, dear darlings.  Elvis was a bit wrong on this !

Outosego .com

i Rude boy
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