I have to Unfollow

I respect Africa, i have to Unfollow

Outosego breaker
I have to Unfollow
I have to Unfollow

6 thoughts on “I respect Africa, i have to Unfollow

    1. haha… i didn’t expect to find myself in there, when i hit the button to visit their blog !

      Old fashion tricks, Gen – X ! And i wonder “why?”, since they are good writers. And “No”, they are not hacked !… LOL …


    1. This is a wonderful question, Nyri. I’ll try to answer your question with what i know and accordingly to my observations.

      __ Especially for this one, for the blog/site/website/whatever you wanna call it : “The Average South African”. Someone is behind this, right ? It’s either one person, or a group of some people.

      When you look and read their posts on the back-end, the Wp_reader, you’ re gonna say : Wonderful ! Wonderful posts, and structure, and pictures ! Indeed, they are wonderful, dear.

      They know, though, that the Wp_bloggers are a bit “lazy”, and that they won’t click on the link which says “Visit Site”, and which is on the top and to the right of the Wp_Reader, when you read a post on the Wp_Reader (you can see the same link in some other places, when you’re on the Wp_Reader).

      So, they decided to use a plugin -for whatever reason- and when you visit their webpage, you’ re redirected, actually, to the shit you see in my screenshots. They are NOT hacked.

      Now, let’s say, you’ re in their website, in the shit you see in my screen shots. They prompt, or encourage you, to click again on one of their 3 Cups, since you’ re a winner, dear ! LOL … If you click on one of the 3 Cups, you’ll be redirected again to wherever they want.

      Actually, i don’t have an issue with the redirection. This is how everything and anything works -somehow- Nyri. However, it’s another thing to click on and to find yourself in their website, and in this post of theirs, and it’s another thing to be redirected from the beginning to their shit. I wouldn’t have an issue with their shit, if i was already in the post, and from there to be redirected wherever they want, but with a notice, or a title, or a few words for this redirection. Which means, that they give me the option to decide if i want to hit on this link-shit, or not to click on, if i don’t want to.

      These tricks are old fashioned. It is sad, though, since they are good writers, and they will ruin their website.

      And, i suspect i won’t get an answer to my comments, since it looks that everything is in the “hands” of an autopilot !… LOL

      Ps: For the rest you’ re asking, the spammers, and the blank sites, i will have to write a post, since you’ve opened a huge conversation on this. But to make the long story short : Yes they can act as spammers, also.

      The blank sites, or the removed, is another story, which it isn’t -necessarily- something “bad”. I’ll write more in an upcoming post, to help people understand, as much as i can and from observations of mine. Thank you, Nyri ! Take care, dear.


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