Are you the painter ?

Are you the painter, Jose ?

You inspired Outosego and here’s my video, Jose : Long and Winding road

Do you see your name under my video, Jose ?

It is linkable.

It leads to your post, and to your blog. Click on it, Jose !
Outosego .com

Jose never gave an answer.  I have every reason to suspect that Jose will never give an answer.  I’m fine with that.  I don’t mind.

I’m not fine, though, that there is no reference related to this piece of art.  Which means two things :

i) Jose is a wonderful painter, if this is Jose’s artwork.  However, Jose is incapable to support this piece of art, to support Thyself, since there is no name, or info, under the painting.  Jose doesn’t know how to write his/her name in the post, under the picture.  I feel sad for this.  Don’t you, dear friends ?  If this is Jose’s artwork.  I feel sad because Jose is talented.  And i like to support the people who have talent. 

This is the reason i share their posts to my social, or i place a linkable reference to the related posts of mine.  And this is the reason i created a few magazines.  To support and to share the artists, the writers, the poets, the talented people, through my magazines.  

ii)  My second thought is that Jose is not the painter. And that Jose likes to have fun by creating a few posts with whatever.  I’m fine with this, also.  Who am i to judge ?  However, Jose doesn’t respect this piece of art, and the artist, since there is no reference to the artist.  

We all make mistakes -here and there- like the one i mention.  But to have a blog full of paintings, or whatever, without references to the people who are the artists, means that you’ re not a serious publisher, or blogger.  Actually, you’ re a clown.  Which i’m fine with this, dear.  Do not expect, though, to respect you, or to follow you, or whatever.  To follow, what ?  To respect, what ?

And, of course, i’ll take the picture with the painting to create whatever.  And, of course, i’ll place a link for the source.  Which, unfortunately, leads to a clown’s blog, or site, or website, or whatever.  Next time, i won’t.  I’m not obligated to place a link which leads to a clown’s blog.

Outosego .com

Ps :  I tried to find Jose’s “About” page.  To get some info, dear darling.  To promote Jose.  Why not ?  There is non !  Which i’m fine with this, also… LOL …

Outosego .com

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