Light The Night

Walk The Walk, in Queens, October 26

Walk The Walk in Queens | Fight Cancer
Walk The Walk in Queens | OCTOBER 26
Walk The Walk
Light The Night
Walk The Walk | Light The Night
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Ps 1 : Dear friends, the word “Donation” is a sacred one.  And not only the word.  I was thinking a lot on this.  I mean, if i should write this post, or not.  The reason is that when i look at the blogs, the websites -or whatever you may wanna call them- i observe that the word “Donate” or “Donation” has a permanent place on the sidebar of the blogger.  I’m angry with this !  Not that i do not believe he/she is not in a need !  But, because, if we make such a use of the word “Donation”, we kill the meaning, the real one.

I prefer the blogger -who is in such a need- to write a simple phrase : “I’m in a need, brother, Give”.  And i’ll give you, brother.   I will give you, brother.

I’ll give you because… i had a wonderful grandma, a wonderful creature, and her advise was always : “Give, my sweet darling.  And, one day, you’ll get back.  Give, my sweet darling.”.  And, NO, she didn’t have much.  She was the richest soul, though, i ever met.  

I’m more than sure that you have the same experiences with your grandparents.  I’m more than sure.

However, to me, the word “Donation” is a sacred one.  And i’m sure it is sacred for you, also.  I’m more than sure !  And i’m more than sure that you -sometimes- gave, despite the fact that you knew you shouldn’t. 

Anyway, you’re not obligated to give my dear friends.  Not at all.  But i had to write this post in order to inform the people for the event.  The organization has a name : Leukemia and Lymphoma Society | Light The Night

Outosego .com

You may click on their website, if you wish -to get the information you want- which is :

You may, also, want to click on : Donations |By Outosego

Outosego .com

Now, my fundraiser is an extremely close to my heart person.  She opened a donation account -to support the event- through facebook.  You may already know that you can donate through facebook.  You can open an account, or to pick an event -from a facebook donation list- and to add it to your facebook posts or page.    Which means you can become a fundraiser, also, anytime you wish, if you have a facebook account.  

My fundraiser’s donation account will close at the end of the year.  Which is normal, dear friends.  You can’t have a donation account opened for ever !  It is self-explanatory, isn’t it ?  Unless if you’re an organization, but you’re not.

My fundraiser’s page is the following :

Outosego .com

Ps 2 : People from Queens, and from Manhattan, my dear New Yorkers, Walk The Walk, in Queens, October 26

Dear bloggers, thank you for passing by.  I really do appreciate your likes and your comments.  Do not give, dear, if you don’t want to.  You’re NOT obligated, dear, to give.  Thank you, ALL.

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