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Cover of the Month

6 thoughts on “Cover of the Month

    1. __ You ‘re welcome, Nyri !

      __ Actually, the content of my “Travel MaG”, is mostly articles of the bloggers who travel all over around the world. Some wonderful bloggers and Travelers who they know how to write words, things and stuff… lol… and they know how to take pictures, dear. I mean they avoid to post blurry -or so and so- pictures.

      __ I would like, also, to mention – a notice to my dear visitors- that you’ re a wonderful teacher and educator, and that your articles are extremely interesting, since you like to visit museums, sites with monuments, etc.

      __ Additionally, you know how to write, dear. This is the reason i wrote an article on this, long ago. My dear visitors will find the article, if they click on the following category of mine, which is dedicated to the young people, mostly, and is entitled “About You” :

      __ Ps : I’m so happy you like it ! This is an idea of mine to create similar videos, with the Cover of the Month, and to dedicate this to the wonderful blogger from whom i chose to place his/her article to my Magazines. The magazine leads to the blogger’s site. Thank you so much, Nyri, for being wonderful, dear. My best wishes for great health, happiness and longevity. Take care.


      1. Yes it is a great idea to do a cover of the month, a great way to inspire all of those who are embarking on the new adventure with a bit of hesitation. As always the feedback is appreciated and best wishes on the magazine, I love it, the format is beautiful. Best wishes and keep providing the simple tips and humor, we love it💕


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