Filotis and Neikos


You used to say, my dear professor : “There is a principle, a law, in the root of our nature, which drives us to self destruction.  There is a force which forces us to self destruction.  And, of course, there is an opposite force, which tries to prevent and to protect us.  “Φιλότης και Νείκος” | “Filotis and Neikos” are the terms in Greek.  Freud made the discovery !” 


Now, here’s my critique to you, my dear professor.  Still can’t believe you were a Freudian victim.  He was a wonderful writer, though, and this is the reason you were trapped.  He discovered shit.  Freud was incapable for discoveries, my dear professor.  And you were a victim. 

You were wrong, my dear professor.  Mistaken !  A Freudian victim, for good and for sure.  He discovered shit.   You were a victim of his shit, my dear professor.  

Outosego breaker

Filotis and Neikos

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