Monetizing my A..

Excuse my language !… LOL …

Excuse my language, dear friends !  I’m not fluent in English.  I speak my mother’s language … LOL !…  Yes, my mother has an A.. , also … LOL…  We ALL have an A.. ,  dear !  Nothing new !…

I ‘ve read a bunch of articles on the topic : “How to monetize our A..”  The problem i have, is not with the authors, but with the approach.  I have to admit that a few of them and a few of their written words are ok.  But the rest are not ok. 

All i mean by writing “not ok”, is that it is obvious to me they haven’t worked much to find ways, or to rethink -a bit- by observing at the same time of what is going on out there.  

Outosego breaker

Smart Ass !

You may call me names, dear.  I really do NOT care.  And i, already, know the reason ‘WHY’ you ‘ll call me by different names.

Because, most of you, the blogging “Artists”, the blogging “Specialists”, do not know anything else than writing articles giving advises on the topic without having any clue of what is going on out there.  You haven’t worked on this at all.  And you keep repeating yourselves by writing same words, things, and stuff.  You want some audience, dear.  Nothing more, or less.  This is the reason you ‘re incapable to write the new idea.  You don’t care about the new ideas.  You care about the audience.  Actually, this is easy for someone to understand -to understand what i’m saying- if he/she takes a look at your Blogs/Sites/Websites.

If you declare “specialists”, write about something you’ ve tried.  It doesn’t matter if it didn’t work the way you would love to.  It matters that you tried.  And it shows -a bit of a proof- that you know how to move -a bit- around, my wonderful blogging “specialists and artists”.

I declare a non specialist.  Nevertheless, i can tell, dear !  Do not make any questions on this.  You’ll be exposed, dear !  You’ll be exposed for good and for sure, my dear blogging “artists and specialists”… LOL …

Recently, i received a bunch of likes from such a ‘specialist’.  He/ she used different accounts -or blogs- with different profile pictures (of both genders… lol…) and names !  To like my posts !  I wonder why ?… 

Outosego .com

Fantasia | By Outosego
it means “imagination”, “fantasy”, and you may click on : Fantasia

WordPress Ads

I’m on the business plan, and i can become part of what wordpress offers on this.  They give the tools on the back-end to become part of their ad campaigns.  You don’t have to do much, or to worry about finding someone who wants to advertise thyself through “you”.  WordPress has, already, a pool of such customers. 

You may try it, if you wish, and if you’ re on the business plan.  I won’t, though.  Despite the fact i can, i won’t.  I have my reasons.  Aesthetics is one of them.  And if i change my mind, it will be only for my experiments.  

You, already, know i write a guide on the topic “Wp_com”.  And i will expand my topics.  Which means that the new user, not only he/she will be able to understand how to set up his/her blog quickly, but, also, how to move around -a bit- to be able to sell his/her art, books, or whatever he/she has to offer to us, the so-called “Consumers”. 

And i will buy, dear !  If i’m interested, i’ll buy !  I’ll spend a dime !  And more than i dime !  Why not !  I’m an easy buyer !  When i like, i buy !  Like you do !

Outosego .com

Ps 1 : My advise to you is to start working a bit with the “Flipboard”, dear !  It’s easy !  The reason i promote “Flipboard” is not because i earn money by introducing the platform to you.  NOT at all, dear.  Neither i want you to become my followers, if you do not wish to do so. 

Ps 2 : I’ll write more on my guide for the “Flipboard”.  Flipboard gives me ideas, without knowing it.  Until then, though, start using “Flipboard”.  You’ll remember Outosego, one day !  Additionally, try to become Publishers.  You’ll get some extra and useful tools.  Fill out the form, and you’ll be notified.  It takes some time, since they check your blog a bit, your content.  

Ps 3 : Thank you, dear friends, and take care.  And excuse my language, dear.  They drive me crazy – a bit – the “specialists”.  Today, i had to make some fun with such an “organization”.  Some ad “specialists”, dear.  With thousands of followers !  Yeah, sure !  With some wonderful websites !  Indeed !  But NOT serious at all, dear.  Not at all.  I’ll write my tags, now.  I’m gonna have some more fun, dear.  Because of the “blogging specialists”.  They are gonna like my TAGS, dear !  They are gonna like me, without reading the content !… hahaha… oh gosh !  Same mannerism !



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