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Periscope is an old story, dear friends.  And you may find it interesting and useful.  If you like broadcasting, to go live, or whatever you might have in mind…

Haven’t worked with this a lot, to be honest.  But i think, though, it is interesting to sign up and to start the experiments !

Especially if you’re a poet who loves to speak out the verses, or the lyrics, and you want to go live -here and there, or a special day, or during the week- or if you’ re a musician, or if … if …

I thought it would be nice to introduce Periscope to you.  An additional reason is that it works wonderfully with Twitter !  Oh, yes dear !

Which means, you can make the Twitter community -your followers, audience and friends- happy !  And you can become famous, dear !  A public figure !… LOL …

I laugh a bit with some things i write, but i enjoy being famous, dear.  Outosego has money !  All he/she wanted was some FAME.  

There is an old quote which says : Lots of people hates money, but no one hates Fame !

The old people knew, dear.  They were wise !  Yeah, sure !… LOL …

Outosego breaker

Outosego breaker

Outosego | Publisher at @Flipboard


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