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I’m always right, dear.  Just joking !  I wrote  one or two articles on the topic “Hashtag”.  You’ ll find them if you click on my “Blocked” category, for the blocked blogger.  

Actually, this is nothing new to you.  You know how to hashtag, and you know how it works.  But you don’t hashtag, dear, your posts at social.  I have eyes and i can see ! I know, you’ re tired.  

Well, this post of mine is on a detail, an idea i had, and i confirm it helps a lot, and it works.  The idea was to create a tag with your name, or a “special” tag for your posts. 

If you work with plugins you’ll find out how beneficial this is.  A few social plugins offer the option to share your social feed, or to display your social feed to your wordpress posts.  

And one of the option that they offer is to display words, things and stuff from a tag, or a hashtag (#).  This is awesome, dear !  You can choose to display words, things and stuff from your special hashtag !  

Example :  The following tweet has “general” tags, or hashtags.  Not so general, though, since they are related to the content of my post which is about the poetry.  Whoever is interested and is looking for some poetry at social, he is gonna type the words (in order to search and to find some content related to the poetry)  : poetry, poesia, poeci, poem, poet, poetess, etc.

One of the tags, though, is the word : #outosego .  So, whoever is looking for Outosego -by searching using the hashtag- he’  ll find a few posts of mine.  Additionally, i can find Thyself with the same method.  And i can use the hashtag to display content from this particular hashtag to my posts, with the help of a plugin.


Outosego breaker

Ps : Now, you know.  I wish i was helpful.  Take care and enjoy, dear friends.  Thank you for passing by, and for liking Outosego.

Outosego breaker

Outosego | Publisher at @Flipboard

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