Hello there, world!

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Hello there, world !

I wish you are, all,  doing great, dear !  Another day, another dollar !  September is gone.  No more melancolie, in Septembrie.  Melancolie in Octobrie, from now on… lol…

Let me go for a break.  I’ll be back soon !

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Outosego breaker

I’m back. I wish you enjoyed the break.  A break for a few advertisements, of course ! What else ?  And, please, i beg you, when you see something that doesn’t work as intended, to feel free and to write a comment.  Because i’m testing different things and, sometimes, it’s not easy to have full control.  Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart.

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Now, what i’ve noticed -with flipboard- is that when you create a magazine (which is, actually, a category, don’t get confused with the words), you can add this magazine of yours to your Gravatar !  Can you imagine this, dear ?

For whoever is in need to promote Thyself, and he/she doesn’t belong to the category “I want my privacy, and do not reblog me”, this is awesome !

Because you can create as many magazines (or categories) with the f…n flipboard, and you can display this creation of yours by adding the url, the address of this creation of yours, to your Gravatar’s profile.  In general, though, whatever is an address, a url, can be added in your Gravatar.

Which means you can add your amazon account or profile, the address, the url, my dear author or poet, or flipboard publisher, or etc …  And i’ll be able to find the book you sell, your creation, your paintings, your poetry, your prints, your… whatever you sell, dear !

And i will buy, dear !  If i’m interested, i will buy your words, things and stuff.  Because this is how the f… money make the cycle.  This is how the system works at the present time.  I don’t know what else to say !  Unless if you exchange your products, or creations, with chickens and eggs from my village, the small village of mine somewhere to the west side of this world.  If you want chickens and eggs for your words, things and stuff, make a note, a Ps, dear.  Do not misunderstand me, please.  I do not underestimate the value of my chickens, and the value of their eggs.  You know what i mean, though.

A synopsis :

i. An “About” page is important for someone who wants to promote Thyself for any reason.

ii. The Gravatar is, also, important for someone who wants to promote Thyself.

Adding a url (or a web address) :

Adding profile links to gravatar 1
Adding profile links to gravatar 2

Ps : That was it all.  It was easy !  Thank you, dear friends for passing by, and for liking Outosego.  Take care y’all ! Let me play a song.

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Hello there, world!
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11 thoughts on “Observation | Suggestion

    1. Thank you for your comment. If you scroll down my category “Blocked”, for the blocked blogger, you’ ll find a bit of info : https://outosego.com/category/blocked/

      Ps : In a few words. It is a platform that helps you create magazines, and to share the content. I find it very useful for the blogger. If you play around a bit, you ‘ll get the idea, and you’ re gonna like it. It’s free for the moment.


    1. Yes, you are, Mr Stills. Thank you for joining Outosego | Publisher at Flipboard.

      I really liked your comment !… haha… To be honest i’ ve stopped paying attention to the numbers of the wonderful people who follow Outosego. I explain the reasons to a category of mine which is entitled “Blocked”, for the blocked blogger. Nevertheless, it is wonderful to see you’ re a Public Figure ! Out of Sudden ! The truth, though, is that the numbers are not accurate. Furthermore, you can’t count as followers some bots. Just saying, though. I love bots. They are always have something nice to say. A bot fell in love with Outosego, once upon a time. I wrote an article on this. Love is ALL !

      Ps : Thanks again, Mr Stills, for following Outosego | Publisher at Flipboard. I’m flattered, and i will follow back, since you have some nice stories in your blog, which i’ll be glad to publish by the time. It is nice to meet you, Sir ! I wish you had an “About” -even a fake one- since this plays a role and it helps the publisher big time. Take care. I wish you great health, happiness and longevity.


    1. It’s easy, Narine. Let me help you. To the top right of your wordpress you are able to see three buttons. Hit the one in the middle,. A table will open and you’ll see the title : “My Profile”. Hit it. And then write the information you are being asked. and upload a picture, also. And Save, of course. The information will appear on your Gravatar. Your profile is actually your Gravatar.

      Ps : Your Gravatar picture appears next to your comments, also. When someone hits on the picture, he can see the information about Thyself. This is your Gravatar, dear, which looks OK. You have information in there about you. You can add, of course, or change the information in there, the way i told you. Gravatar is another word for “My Profile” : http://en.gravatar.com/naramoor


    1. Thank you, V, for your comment. Because comments like yours help to a direction, the one of the proper promotion of Thyself.

      And this is the reason i write articles like this one. For the “specialists” this article of mine might be nothing, some nonsense or whatever. Since, though, i ‘m writing a guide on the topic “WordPress” -despite the fact i’m not a techie, but pissed with the techies- i write articles like this to check the reaction of the bloggers. And, of course, to help them, as much as i can. Thanks again, dear.


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