Funny, Weird, Respected

Avoid to “Reblog” :

There is a wonderful gentleman, blogger and poet, and i saw he has a page in order to  inform that there are a few bloggers /sites/websites you should avoid to reblog ! “Despite the fact they have nice blogs”, he says. 

They made complaints !  For the reblogging !… lol…  They have a bunch of sharing buttons all over their posts and pages, and they made complaints ! Weird ?  Weird !  Weird .

I really laughed a lot, when i read that they asked him to remove the reblogged posts !… Oh, gosh !

I wouldn’t, if i was him :

NOT because i do not respect someone’s wish not to be re-blogged or re-shared.  But because it is impossible to know his/her wish without a written notice, somewhere under the posts.  Or without a post script, a “PS:” .

It is a short sentence : “Do not reblog, dear visitor”… haha…

Furthermore, the bloggers who have such a wish must configure their sites accordingly, without sharing buttons, dear.  It’s easy !  And they should, always, place the written notice, since someone can share an article by copying the address -or permalink- of the post which is displayed on the browser.

There is, also, an extra and wonderful option which is offered by the wordpress .com.  The option to go PRIVATE.  They do not have to drive people crazy.  They can go private.



4 thoughts on “Funny, Weird, Respected

  1. That explains why a few blogs I have read do not allow comments at all. I was confused because I figured, surely this is a mistake, why wouldn’t they want comments? I will keep this in mind, the next time I am upset because I can’t leave a comment, people want privacy!


    1. I couldn’t say it better, Nyri. You’ re absolutely right.

      Ps : I have nothing against privacy. I fully respect the privacy, his, her, yours. On the other hand whoever wants privacy should better hit the button which says “Privacy”, on the wordpress .com_dashboard_settings. It’s easy, isn’t it ?


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