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Welcome to Flipboard, Outosego ! 

Welcome to your Flipboard Publisher profile! We have accepted the RSS feed you submitted and upgraded your account. You can login to your account to set the magazine to public when you are ready.






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And, since you’ re in, play a bit to get an idea.  You may, also, want to become publishers.  Why not ?

You’ re already publishers… lol…  You have a blog and you publish words, things and stuff, dear.

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3 thoughts on “Publisher at Flipboard

  1. Great thing you’re doing, really, Outosego. Besides, you help a lot with your suggestions. I’m redoing some of my past posts little by little —stop sometimes, instead of just advancing with no inner direction— and trying to make the most of it by applying your suggestion of the featured image. After I had seen the change, that led me to figure out a few other things to take into account from now on and change in some of the past publications. You see, I wanted to share this reflection with you: one can somehow grow while blogging: I mean it really provides a tool to help see what way to go with your the work. Sometimes it even tells things one didn’t see or you wouldn’t pay attention to before, or shows a line of work that fits one’s skills. Thank you and wish you the best, as always 🙂


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