Reblog or Share, wp .com ?

Reblog or Share ?

Really pissed, dear !

From the moment i upgraded my blog to the business plan, i’m facing different kind of issues and difficulties.

I didn’t expect that i won’t be able to “Reblog”.  Now, i’m left with only one choice which is to “Share” your posts through the “Share” option, when i’m on the wp_backend, the “Reader”.

Furthermore, i’ve noticed that previous reblogged posts of mine (when i was on the free plan, and when i was using the “Reblog” option through your blogs, and not the “Share” option through the “Reader”) do NOT contain the link to your posts (the posts of yours which i reblogged).  I’m pissed !


Ps:  Actually, any previous plan, before the business plan do not have issues.  When you upgrade to the business plan, the wp .com functions like a hosting company.  One leg is on the, and the other to, if you know what i mean.

10 thoughts on “Reblog or Share ?

    1. haha… thank you for your comment, Sheree. It is expected, dear. I like wordpress, and i have a bit of experience with the .org, and this is why i don’t write things out of fantasy. But, since i’m writing a guide on the topic i have to go through it. The guide won’t be much of Blah… Blah… , but how to quickly set up or configure your blog, AND to do a few things that you thought you can do only by upgrading to the business plan, or you thought you can do only by being an “expert”, which is the wrong impression.

      Thank you, Sheree. My best wishes.


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