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Use the widget, blogger :

Many reasons to do so.  One of the reasons is that i can -and, of course, you can- take your Rss_feed -or someone else’s- and pin it to a post i just reblogged (or shared).  A post of yours.

If you use the classic editor, you should  use the shortcodes to do so.  Check the following to get an idea : wp_rss_shortcode

Here’s an example :


I’m sure you’ve noticed that nothing happened when i used the feed_shortcode on the classic editor above.  The only thing you see is the shortcode itself.  It is because i’m upgraded to the business plan.  How wonderful !  I pay more in order for this shit to happen.  

Actually, when you upgrade your site to a “better” plan, the serves you as a hosting company.  When you upgrade and you buy your domain name -for many reasons and in order to get rid of the “wordpress” in your domain name- you’re on the air with one leg on the wp_com and the other leg to the wp_org.  

This is why you have two dashboards.  This is why mirroring takes its place.  This is why some previous functions of the wp_com do not work anymore (not compatible with the plugins of the wp_org).  This is why you are confused.  This is why the helpdesk doesn’t have answers to give you, when you ask them.  And many more, dear friends.  For the money !  Which is awesome ! I Love the money !  Money, money, money… 

The problem is not the money, dear friends.  We are rich !  We have money !  The problem is that the quality of the service you get is not of high standards when you pay more.  Additionally, they don’t tell the truth.  Half words, dear, in order to buy the plans.  Anyway, i’ll stop here.   

So, i had to switch to the CoBlocks in order to show you an example.  The CoBlocks is an editor, but it comes as an extra plugin when you upgrade your site and your plan.

Now, this is what i mean.  I reblog a post of yours (when you’re on the  business plan you lose the reblog function, but you still can share someone else’s posts), and i add a few more posts of yours in my post, which is, actually, a post of yours which i host to my site using the reblog or the share button.

Rss_feed from OutosegoClips :

Rss_feed from RubalWorkShop :

RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: A valid URL was not provided.

Rss_feed from Doree MelNic :

Rss_feed from SapphireSky :

Rss_feed from CrystalByers (with an excerpt, you can display an excerpt, also, not only the author, the date and the title) :

  • by Crystal Byers
    Last Sunday morning, my neighbor and I were walking toward each other in the street. He walked south. I walked north. I don’t know this neighbor, but I see him around. I know which house is his. I think I talked to him once before on the night of the hurricane three years ago when […]
  • by Crystal Byers
    Back in July, Monday the 13th to be exact, I made a friend while walking in my neighborhood. I remember the date because the previous Friday I had a doctor’s appointment, and I saw an unfamiliar and frightening number on the scale. Though I had walked every day in April, I nursed an injury in […]
  • by Crystal Byers
    Today I’m giving it all to God. A few days ago, I read the words of my friend Collette. She writes about her sobriety of eighteen months and why past sobriety attempts failed. After spending decades of her life in an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, Collette experienced a mindset shift. She prayed to God to […]
  • by Crystal Byers
    “I’m gonna fight ‘em all / A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back.” The White Stripes I’ve heard the White Stripes in my head this past week, and their words convey my attitude. As I leave my house each day for my morning walk, my posture and stride seem to say, “Do not get […]
  • by Crystal Byers
    I woke to the 6:15 darkness and a sliver of silvery moon through my bedroom window. “I’ve often seen a cat without a grin,” I thought, eyes on moon and hand reaching for the two black dogs by my side. “But a grin without a cat! It’s the most curious thing I ever saw in […]

Rss_feed from lluisBusse :

  • by Lluís Bussé
    Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when a pair or group of particles is generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in a way such that the quantum state of each particle of the pair or group cannot be described independently of the state of the others, including when the particles are separated by […]
  • by Lluís Bussé
    Definition of entropy: A) Thermodynamics: a measure of the unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system that is also usually considered to be a measure of the system’s disorder, that is a property of the system’s state, and that varies directly with any reversible change in heat in the system and inversely with the temperature […]
  • by Lluís Bussé
    When a human body moves further from the (self)life of rotation it becomes increasingly more difficult to change the rotational velocity of the establishment. Intuitively, this is because the human being is now carrying more momentum with it around the circle of life and because the existential momentum is changing more quickly. (*) Photographs taken […]
  • by Lluís Bussé
    Do you remember Pierre, where we fall in love at first sight? Sure, Marie, on the street with the convex mirror that deformed also the sense of feeling. And we kissed each other in that passage found in works, where everything was very dark. Then we went up to a rooftop terrace where we touched […]
  • by Lluís Bussé
    Lovers hide their kisses between the stone steps, they just sealed a love on the bridge Pont des Arts. Tying love locks also on the Pont de l’Archeveche, near the Notre Dame cathedral, and will remain anchored other loved-up couples for ever. Rainy spring days, bright summer mornings, lethargic autumn evenings, long winter nights. The […]

Rss_feed from Racoltapetru6 :

  • by racoltapetru6
    Toamna aceasta, se umflă pensiile… din împrumuturi.
  • by racoltapetru6
    TOAMNĂ CU PROMISIUNI Din pomul electoral, Fructele te ispitesc, Ce păcat că, la final, Nu se coc, ci putrezesc.
  • by racoltapetru6
    Ora două din noapte. Iar a adormit cu televizorul deschis… și ar mai fi trecut o vreme până să-și dea seama, dacă nu-l trezea soneria de la intrare. Își spuse că numai bețivii și hoții au obiceiul să încerce alte uși la ore atât de mici, când majoritatea oamenilor sunt cufundați în somn. Degeaba încercă […]
  • by racoltapetru6
    BANCURILE SĂPTĂMÂNII * Ca să te iubească femeile trebuie să fii frumos, deștept și bogat… sau pisică ori cățel… * Poziția preferată în pat? Lângă priză, să-mi pot încărca telefonul. * Masca te face mai deștept! Vorbești mai greu, ai timp să gândești mai mult. * Iubita mea nu folosește borș! La sfârșit, doar aruncă […]
  • by racoltapetru6
    Când te-am iubit în roșu, tu mă iubeai în verde, Eu te urmăream printre fructe coapte, tu mă rătăceai printre frunze. Apoi ai trecut la dragostea în galben, În timp ce eu te așteptam în albastru, Tu mă căutai printre floarea-soarelui, Iar eu răscoleam izvoare de munte. E greu când iubim în culori diferite Și […]

Rss_feed from Lidea : 

Rss_feed from David and Laura : 

Rss_feed from Gen-X Travels :

Rss_feed from Julie Sopetran : 

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Ps : That was it, dear friends.  At least for the moment.  Take care and enjoy.  Let me play a song.

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