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Use the widget, blogger :

Many reasons to do so.  One of the reasons is that i can -and, of course, you can- take your Rss_feed -or someone else’s- and pin it to a post i just reblogged (or shared).  A post of yours.

If you use the classic editor, you should  use the shortcodes to do so.  Check the following to get an idea : wp_rss_shortcode

Here’s an example :


I’m sure you’ve noticed that nothing happened when i used the feed_shortcode on the classic editor above.  The only thing you see is the shortcode itself.  It is because i’m upgraded to the business plan.  How wonderful !  I pay more in order for this shit to happen.  

Actually, when you upgrade your site to a “better” plan, the serves you as a hosting company.  When you upgrade and you buy your domain name -for many reasons and in order to get rid of the “wordpress” in your domain name- you’re on the air with one leg on the wp_com and the other leg to the wp_org.  

This is why you have two dashboards.  This is why mirroring takes its place.  This is why some previous functions of the wp_com do not work anymore (not compatible with the plugins of the wp_org).  This is why you are confused.  This is why the helpdesk doesn’t have answers to give you, when you ask them.  And many more, dear friends.  For the money !  Which is awesome ! I Love the money !  Money, money, money… 

The problem is not the money, dear friends.  We are rich !  We have money !  The problem is that the quality of the service you get is not of high standards when you pay more.  Additionally, they don’t tell the truth.  Half words, dear, in order to buy the plans.  Anyway, i’ll stop here.   

So, i had to switch to the CoBlocks in order to show you an example.  The CoBlocks is an editor, but it comes as an extra plugin when you upgrade your site and your plan.

Now, this is what i mean.  I reblog a post of yours (when you’re on the  business plan you lose the reblog function, but you still can share someone else’s posts), and i add a few more posts of yours in my post, which is, actually, a post of yours which i host to my site using the reblog or the share button.

Rss_feed from OutosegoClips :

Rss_feed from RubalWorkShop :

RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: A valid URL was not provided.

Rss_feed from Doree MelNic :

Rss_feed from SapphireSky :

Rss_feed from CrystalByers (with an excerpt, you can display an excerpt, also, not only the author, the date and the title) :

  • by Crystal Byers
    The gulls float on lifted wing,soaring through fields of blue,crossing the skies above everything—worries and the overthinking,judgments and the milieu.The gulls rise above everything.What about you?
  • by Crystal Byers
    June turned July, and I committed to a ten-day cleanse. I said to myself, I can do anything for ten days. Even so, it took me a minute to commit. The unsaturation diet idea came from a book I read listened to on Audible, Dr. Habib Sadeghi’s The Clarity Cleanse. As a twenty-one-year-old medical student, […]
  • by Crystal Byers
    By Crystal Byers via Brevity. It was a day like any other school day—me, teaching the next generation, returning their graded memoirs, explaining the meaning of … Then Fall, Mrs. Byers: Writing That “Single Moment”
  • by Crystal Byers
    A rainbow cosmosfades to sparkling dusk.A shimmering lensleads the way.
  • by Crystal Byers
    I’m having a problem, and this is it. Typing one word and then the next. Forming coherent thoughts. Creating meaning out of nothing. Otherwise known as writing. So, I’ve turned to other writerly activities. Reading books. Revising earlier works. Looking for publication opportunities. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been spending time on Poets […]

Rss_feed from lluisBusse :

  • by Lluís Bussé
    “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.” R. P. Feynman (1965), The Character of Physical Law, MIT Press, 123.   I This is about a tale on reality. A real punch searching for the interactions and laws who govern our universe. We’re limited far away for infinite numbers of assumptions. The […]
  • by Lluís Bussé
    Today I opened the old typewriter. Belongs to another world inside a black wooden box. I kept the black stripes inked, put down a sheet of paper and wrote: “THE MONOCHROME EXPERIENCE” in the only typography available, a steel Courier in capital letters (the maximum size than the keyboard reaches). I heard the sound of […]
  • by Lluís Bussé
    The near future will lead us to an increasing degree of evolution. But only the classes that handle the flow of global information will go ahead in their quest to accumulate wealth and power. The rest of human race will return to the niches of prehistory. The management of knowledge among the elites who keep […]
  • by Lluís Bussé
    Rainwater brings us the open door of liquid mirrors. When you reflect in its waters is easy to run the risk of existential vertigo, enjoy the relativistic abyss, and the slight tickling of time in a significantly deceptive space. Celebrate with me the flipped photograph of the rider. I waited a bit and this portal […]
  • by Lluís Bussé
    Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when a pair or group of particles is generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in a way such that the quantum state of each particle of the pair or group cannot be described independently of the state of the others, including when the particles are separated by […]

Rss_feed from Racoltapetru6 :

  • by racoltapetru6
    ”📃SĂRBĂTOAREA SCRIITORILOR SEINENI, august 2021Într-o minunată atmosferă, am petrecut câteva ore, sărbătorind creația literară seineană. Și pentru că publicația cenaclului literar „Sub semnul lui Eminescu”, prima, din existența ei, a găsit de cuviință să adăpostească între paginile ei și creația fotografică, arta plastică și muzicală a seinenilor noștri dragi, consider că am devenit mai bogați […]
  • by racoltapetru6
    BANCURILE SĂPTĂMÂNII * La psiholog:– Doamnă, pe o scară de la 1 la 10, cât sunteți de curioasă?– De unde aveți scara? * Ora de gramatică:– Bulă, ce timp este ”eu studiez”?– Timp pierdut, doamnă! * – Mă Gheorghe, ai auzit că triburile din Africa își vând nevestele? Tu m-ai vinde pe mine?– Ce tot […]
  • by racoltapetru6
  • by racoltapetru6
    Pășind pe verde,Sub cupola albastră,Văd viața în roz.
  • by racoltapetru6
    Înverzesc idei ca frunze, Cu boboci mici, în culori, Parcă ar fi buburuze Care se transformă-n flori. Cele bune sunt parfumuri, Transmise adiacent, Cele rele iscă fumuri Cu un miros indecent. Transformă-le în cuvinte, Dulci precum cireșele, Și le presară-nainte, Înflorindu-ți faptele. Iar din florile candide O să vezi cum, natural, O minune se conchide, […]

Rss_feed from Lidea : 

Rss_feed from David and Laura : 

Rss_feed from Gen-X Travels :

Rss_feed from Julie Sopetran : 

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Ps : That was it, dear friends.  At least for the moment.  Take care and enjoy.  Let me play a song.

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