flipboard and insta

Flipboard and insta

…and Twitter :

Another reason, blogger, you should start thinking of Flipboard as an application -or a platform- you must use, is the following picture :

flipboard on twitter insta post

Outosego .com

Ps : if you don’t understand what i mean, feel free to ask.  Write your question on the comment field.  Take care, dear, and thank you for passing by, and for liking Outosego.

10 thoughts on “Flipboard and insta

  1. After seeing you using Flipboard, I’ve been thinking of having a look at it! Can you create your own content on there, or is it Pinterest where you create a collection of creations and stuff?


    1. Wonderful question, Gav. Yes, you can create your content, and as many contents as you wish, and to flip the content from this magazine to the other magazine of yours. Furthermore, you can add your Rss_feed, or an Rss_feed of a second blog, or a third blog of yours. And you don’t have to flip anything when you add the Rss_feed to a magazine, since it stores everything you post in real time.

      I don’t remember -to be honest- if you have to be accepted as a publisher to get the Rss-feed function (i don’t think so).


    2. Ps: To get your Rss_feed is easy. You may know, but i write the information for the visitors of my blog, in order to know. You click on your website (on the “Home” page, or wherever you wish) and you go to your browsers address bar. You want to see the address of your site. For example, in your case, you want to see : onegav.com

      Then, you hit slash / and you write the word feed in the browser’s address bar, next to your domain name. You hit enter, and you’ ll see the html sheet. All you do is to copy the address : onegav.com/feed, and to paste it wherever you wish.


    3. You know my collection with the Xii photographers, right ? I placed a few posts and pictures in there, from their sites. Additionally, i created an extra magazine and i gave the name : Xii Photographers | Collection i | Websites. I placed only twelve posts in there (since the first magazine has plenty of material from their artwork). Each post is actually their home or their “About” page. Now, i flipped the second magazine in the first magazine. But the second magazine still exists on its own, and i can keep it or delete it if i want.

      It is nice to know that you can make a magazine private, and not public.


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