Michael Ventris

Michael Ventris

 M. V. | Linear B :

He was wonderful !  I feel it as an obligation to write a few words for Michael Ventris.  Never met him.  How could i ?  But i wrote this to laugh a bit.  

Michael Ventris wasn’t this or that, or a specialist -a word we like to use a lot in our days, and we’re gonna pay this in the future- but a man of passion.  He liked to like this and that, and that’s all.  And he did a discovery.  We are “trained” to expect the discoveries from the so-called “specialists” in  our days.  WRONG training, dear.  NOT our fault, though.  

So, i decided to collect some information -instead of writing just another article on Michael Ventris and the Linear B.   There are so many wonderful people out there -wonderful investigators and writers, dear- who they have wrote very interesting articles on this.  

My purpose will be served, wonderfully, by an application i introduced to whoever didn’t know anything about the Flipboard, which i like to use a lot.  And this is an example of how you can use the Flipboard Magazine.



Ps : That was it !  Thank you for passing by, dear friends.  Thank you for your comments, and for liking Outosego.  You may click on the following, which is a magazine of mine dedicated to Michael Ventris.


Outosego .com
Outosego .com

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