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Nilla is a wonderful photographer.  Just, and just only wonderful.  And full of awards, dear.  She deserves each and everyone of them.  You ll understand what i am talking about, if you check her blog by clicking onImage | Earth | Travel

And you may, also, click on : Nillas Photography | Portfolio

Outosego .com

Click on the awards, dear :  Nillas Awards

Click on the exhibitions :  Nillas Exhibitions

Outosego .com

I “met” Nilla accidentally !  I was checking a few photographs by using the tags on the searching field of the wp backend.  You, already, know i like photographers, and that i ve created a special collection with Xii photographers, and a promotional video for this collection of mine.  Actually it is a Magazine, which is easy to find on my sidebar, but you can, also, click onXii Photographers | Collection i

Since i like to share your articles to my social -and not only thyself, no meaning to share only thyslef, dear- i did the same with an article i saw and i liked on Nillas blog.  Nilla wanted to say : “thank you, Outosego”, by writing a comment somewhere on the comment field under a post of mine.  BUT she couldnt !

FORTUNATELY, she wrote a message on my contact form :  “Hey, Outosego, thank you.  I tried to write a comment, but i couldnt Log in, no matter how many times i tried, or how many different ways i used to do so…”

There is a section on your wp dashboard with the title “Feedback”, and you can view the messages written by your visitors on the contact form of yours.  Actually you ll view the same messages when you take a look at your emails, also.  And the only way to reply to this kind of messages is through your email account.

I wouldn’t have noticed the problem without Nilla sending this message.  Thank you, Nilla.  Thank you, dear.  

Sometimes, i’m going mad with the wordpress, and the plugins, and all this stuff.  However, since i write a guide on the topic “WordPress”, there is no other way than to keep up with my experiments, and to have patience -despite the fact i hate the word “patience”- and to troubleshoot.  To troubleshoot, dear !

Ps : Thank you, Nilla.  And thank you, dear friends, for passing by.  Take a look at Nillas blog.  She is wonderful.  Let me play a song.


Nilla photography
Outosego .com
Outosego .com

8 thoughts on “Thanks to Nilla

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for this great write-up and of course, now I can leave you a comment!

    Happy to have discovered your blog, which is super cool and love the layout – well done.

    WP is a steep learning curve if you want to do more than just the “Vanilla” of everything, which you and I are not happy with so we experiment. Then, when you think you have everything under control, WP changes something or shifts the goal post and we start pulling our hair out all over again!

    Thanks again for your kind support. 🙂


    1. C’ est un plaisir. You’ re welcome, Nilla and Image Earth Travel. It is nice to meet you, also. Thank you for your kind words about my blog.

      And, indeed, i was pulling my hair out when i saw your message that you weren’t able to make a comment !… lol… “Oh, gosh, not again !” i said, and “What’s wrong with you WP ?”. It took me a while to figure it out, and to fix the problem.

      Imagine, i wouldn’t have noticed anything if you didn’t have the patience to write this message, and i thank you for your patience and your kind gesture, Nilla. Most of the times i’m logged in, like most of the bloggers, which is wrong if you want to pay attention to what is going on with some wp functions.

      You’ re a wonderful photographer, Nilla. Your blog and your portfolio page are wonderful in terms of aesthetics, structure and content, and a pleasant experience for the visitor. I wish you all the best.

      Ps : Dear friends and visitors, you may click on the following links to visit Nillas photography :

      Image | Earth | Travel :

      NillasPhotography :


      1. I always try to help and that by contacting someone about the Comments field, I’m not offending as sometimes bloggers don’t want the interaction, so I tread carefully when making such a comment.

        Again, thank you for the lovely words about my work and sharing across your social platforms – much appreciated.


      2. Thank you for this comment of yours. You’ re right, sometimes, bloggers don’t want the interaction. I don’t belong to this category, though. And the way i use my social is to share whoever is interesting and talented, not only thyself. I don’t find any meaning to share only thyself. I’m not that important.


      1. Thank you. I always make a promotional video for a few magazines of mine. And not only. Some photographers do not have any problem to edit a few videos using some of their pictures. Of course, i always mention the photographer on my videos, and the music theme i use.


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