Certain Circumstances

if i ask you to go back

To go back in time.  And to remember the very first image of yours in life, how old do you think you are ?  Can you, please, write down the number ?

The categories :

1. 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 (let’s say this is rare, but not that much)

2. 4 – up (let’s say common)

3. 5 1/2 – up

One case :

I had only one case who said 2.  She described in every detail the image or the memory of herself.  In every detail.  

Certain circumstanse :

The question itself.  Only, and just only one question.  Nothing more than this.  Without pressuring, and without asking a second question or a third, etc.  Actually, if you ask a second question -or a third- they can go further back !

Limit :

Of course, there is a limit.  However, you’ ll get the same results no matter how old is the human being you have in front of you asking the question.  No matter if it is a 10 years old child who is being asked, or a sixty years old man.  Which means that a child who is closer to the ages mentioned above can’t go further back.  And when the child will reach the age of sixty is gonna remember the same, the same image of his/herself in life, the same “starting point” of his/her memory. 


Details :

Nothing “metaphysical”.  It’s interesting, though, for someone to listen to the details, and what it is that they remember as the first image of thyself.  For instance they can tell about colors, sounds, tastes, senses in general.  They can tell about clothes.  They can tell about faces.  They can tell where they are, how they react.  They can tell about feelings and emotions.  They can tell about thyself, but they can, also, tell about the surrounding environment.  They re + member, and they recognize as familiar or unfamiliar whatever is familiar or unfamiliar.

The question as certain circumstance :

Someone can tell that this is logical to happen, since some time is needed for the organ to be developed and for the memory to function, or to start functioning progressively. 

Still, have no reason to doubt the above thought.  I can tell, though, that the terms “progressive” or “progressively” do not match and are not suitable with the “whole” of the remembrance.  Suddenly, from the age of two +, you get the whole and not sparkles. 

Furthermore, it is interesting that we do not deal only with an image, but with feelings and emotion, and sometimes with thoughts on how to handle a situation, which is amazing.

The question is only, and just only, one circumstance.  There is more on the topic : “Certain circumstances”.

Ps :

Thank you, dear friends, for passing by, and for liking Outosego.  I wish you all great health, happiness and longevity. Let me play a song.

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Outosego .com

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3 thoughts on “if i ask you to go back

    1. I forgot to write that i get two reactions. The one is like yours : “Not sure, let me think, i would say i was … “.
      The second reaction is : “I was such and such” immediately… haha… they announce the number immediately.

      Ps : i’m sure, though, you can go further back. Do you have a black and white image or a colored one ? If i ask you to remember clothes, do you remember them colored ?


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