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Some poets

The game

It is wonderful to have the talent to play with the words.  I admire the people who have the talent.  Knowing to play with the words, though, is not enough.

It is great if you want to entertain thyself.  However, when you expose your words (or poetry) to the public, you should expect  a reaction.  A discussion around your words (or poetry), a critique, a bit of chat chat.  Actually, this is the reason why you expose, or present,  your poetry to the public.  If this is not the reason, then you foolish thyself and the rest of us, the so called “public”.

The real yogurt

Playing with the words is wonderful, but not enough.  Especially, if you don’t know what the taste of the real yogurt is.  What do you expect the public to tell, If you don’t know the difference between the real and the fake yogurt ?

Outosego .com

Outosego .com

JR Korpa

2 thoughts on “Some poets

    1. haha… i think the nationality doesn’t play any role here ! They make nice yogurt, though, indeed… lol…

      I LOVE their baklava ! Gulluoglu makes the best baklava.

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