3 Sisters Abroad

– Leibster and Sunshine Awards — 3 Sisters Abroad


3_Sisters_Abroad, you are, ALL, awesome. You can’t imagine how much i enjoy your blog. You have a special way to introduce the world to me (or us). I like your adventures, and your pictures. There is a talented photographer in the family. I know the name… lol… For some crazy reason i like when you take pictures of a meal of yours, and the drinks around the table. Especially the glasses with the drinks. Can’t explain the reason why. Maybe, this is the reason i feel refreshed when i visit your blog… lol

You have your way, though, to take the most out of your traveling adventures and experiences. I, always, share, your articles, to my social. And i, always, place them to my Travel Magazine.

Ps: Thank you for answering my questions. I wish you to win the prize. But mostly and above all, i wish you, all, great health, happiness and longevity. It is so wonderful that i met you in the blog-sphere. Take care and Cheers, 3_Sisters_Abroad.

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In the last few months our blog has been nominated for not one but 3 awards. Actually one of these The Sunshine Blog Award was from last year. I mean how bad is that. The blog gets nominated and I do nothing! The First Sunshine Blog Award was from thegotogirlsblog last year. The Second […]

– Leibster and Sunshine Awards — 3 Sisters Abroad

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