…and i solved an wp issue


Let me celebrate, first.  Let me play a song.

The teacher

When the teacher is… The Teacher, she/he is the fire and the light, dear.  And i have a huge respect for this kind of teachers.  Especially, because the try to do their best with what they have and with what they know.  An additional reason is that they don’t pretend they are gods, and they question themselves constantly.  They are not in such a need, to act as if they know when they don’t, but they try to find out, dear.  And they are not in a need to act in an authoritarian way.  No need, and no reason.

I admire them.  They walk on the steps of Socrates : “all i know is one thing, that i don’t know.”  I don’t know, dear.  This is why i ask questions.  To find out if i can.  Through me, through you, through fantasy, through mathematics, through “logic”, through Life, through Luck… through whatever can get me closer to some kind of truth.



The scientist

Oh, gosh !

The term was an unknown term, back then.  During the ancient times, for which we have the tendency to believe -since the ancient times belong to the past- that there is nothing in there.  Or -if there is something- that this something is old and has nothing to offer.  This is the wrong impression, dear.  You have the wrong image for the past.  It isn’t your fault, though.  If you have the wrong impression, is not thyself you should blame.  No, dear, not your fault.

Back then, they didn’t care about papers, and degrees written on the papers.  Not at all.  They had “Schools”.  Which means different kind of thoughts on a variety of  topics.  Uncle Plato used to gather the people (or the students)  around a table, and he liked wine a lot. 

Most of his dialogues -or discussions, or teachings- are in that form, the form of a sy(n)m + posium (which means : syn(m) = all together and at the same time, posium = drink).  To sit down and to drink, and to eat, and to discuss, until we get drunk… lol…

Aristotle was different.  He liked to walk around in the nature, and to discuss (or to teach).  This is why the name of his school was : Peripatetic (Peri = around.  Patetic = walk ).  There is a second name, also, which is Lyceum.

Actually, the same thing was happening all over the world, during the ancient times.  Same thing in Asia, in India, in China, in Egypt, in Middle East, all over, dear.

Additionally, the discussion comes first, not the teaching so much.  The whole thing is the teaching.  And it is constant.  The student learns, and the teacher learns.  


Anyway, the modern scientists are specialists.  They care about something in particular, which is wonderful and i don’t blame them. However, you’ ll meet scientists who they have a very poor image for the whole.  Not their fault, though.  

And you’ ll meet scientists who they prefer to use the term “scientist” a lot, instead of the term which declares their specialty.  And i stay away from them.  They have nothing to offer.  This is a show off, dear.  They care about a good marriage, and some money.  Which is wonderful, and i don’t blame them at all.  They have, though, the wrong impression about what science is.  

And you’ ll meet wonderful people and scientists who they are in no such need.  In no such need, dear.  

Two different things

We are in need for some wonderful teachers, and for some wonderful scientists.  They are not the same, though.  

I was watching a wonderful astrophysicist giving a lecture.  Oh, dear !  What a mess !  What a catastrophe !  He  wasn’t able to make things simple, in order for his audience to understand him.  And he was a professor ! 

However, the same person -on tv- was able to express thyself wonderfully on the topics “Romance” and “Love”… hahahahahahahahahahaahahaha…


The wp_issue

When you configure your browsers, dear friends, watch out. 

When you configure the Chrome, or the Mozilla, or the Safari, or whatever your browser might be, and you don’t give permission to third party cookies (since there is an option not to, in order to protect thyself), you’ re gonna have problems with the wordpress, with your site. 

What i’ve experienced is the following :

1. Not able to view my posts on the Reader, despite the fact you were able to view my posts.

2. My notification table disappeared.  The wp_notification table on the top and to the right where you’ re able to view your followers, and your likes, and etc., when you’ re logged in your blog (or site, or website).

3. Unable to edit pages, or to revisit an old page in order to re-edit the page.  And many more, dear friends, only and just only because you won’t give permission to third party cookies.  Plus, you’ll get the following : “… redirected too many times”.  It’s easy to test this in order to understand what i’m saying.     

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    1. Thank you for comment, Sheree. Unfortunately, there are issues. Sometimes we get an appropriate help, and some other times we have to take care things on our own. Have a wonderful day.


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