They went to Hell

They went to Hell

For good, and for sure …haha …

Many years ago !  It just came to my mind !  Memories !  I was young and immortal back then.  Full of energy.  I was discovering the world, dear !  I was a wonderful God, looking for a job !  Many years ago.  I still remember, though.  I’m an elephant, in terms of memory… lol…

The invitation

And i got an invitation.  I thought i had a job !  How wonderful !  And how stupid i was !  It was an invitation for a seminar, a company’s seminar.  Many years ago.  I was young, immortal, and stupid.  But an elephant, in terms of memory…

Philosophy and theatrical play

Now, i realize it was a time -back then- when the companies started to sell “philosophy”.  Not only products, dear !  But “philosophy”, and “spirit”, and “ways of thinking”, and “lifestyle”, and “bullshits”…haha …

And the Seo, and the Presidents, and the “officials”… haha… of the company had adopted the appropriate look for the occasion.  It was a performance, a play, a theatrical one, like they use to do, still ! 

Constant changes

“My wonderful young people, you have to learn to live in an environment with constant changes.  You must adopt this and… that.  You must get used to it.  Be flexible.  Be this, and that.  Be… How do you expect to survive ?  Be …   Do … Have … Must … Adopt … Learn … Survive … Blah … “

They were right

Actually, they were right.  But they didn’t make it !  They didn’t survive !  They went to Hell !  For good and for sure !  What a pity !  They were wise !  At least, they had the look of a wise one, each one and everyone.  Their wisdom wasn’t enough.  I think.  I’m not sure.  I’m sure they went to Hell, though.  For good !  And they were big, back then. 

 And i’m still here, alive !  I survived !  At least, for the moment.

Ps :

I was trying to reach them, to send my condolences, but i couldn’t find them.  They were disappeared !  I think they were trying to survive, each one and everyone.  Let me play a song.

Tilemachos Pappas

photographer : Tilemachos Pappas

8 thoughts on “They went to Hell

      1. I wish you all the best, dear. And to enjoy the season.

        Ps: I’m facing a few issues with the wordpress . I think it started yesterday. Probably, some security issues. I’m writing an article on this strange thing which i’ ve noticed. I sent emails, and description and pictures to the wp engineers. That’s how they call the people behind the desktop, which i really doubt the fact that they are engineers most of them… lol


      2. Thank you for your comment, da-AL. I understand what you’re saying, and you’ re right. However, i prefer to send emails, because i send pictures with drawings and details written on the pictures to help them understand.

        Ps : By the way, you have a wonderful blog, da-AL, and it is nice that i met you on the blog-sphere. Thank you again. Have a wonderful day.


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