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Security wp issues ?

Yesterday, dear !

Strange things !  Aliens ?  Who knows !  The wp engineers should know, though.  They are specialists, dear.  Aren’t they ?  I sent them description, and pictures.  Material, dear, to help them help me, and us.  I suspect they won’t be able to help, though. 

You can’t imagine the material i have sent them, to help them, since they ask, dear, to participate and to help make the wordpress a better world for everyone.  

A show off, dear, like everywhere.  I’m not complaining !  Do not misunderstand !  I have eyes, though, and i can see.  

And when i send material to the engineers. i send pictures, and descriptions, and i place arrows on the pictures, and i explain that this is what happened here, and this what happened there, and i think i found a solution for this and that.  

Additionally, i explain the reasons why they should pay attention to the aesthetics, and why they should do something on the f…n Global Mode, which is the wordpress Reader.  I don’t care much for the color palette for my dashboard. 

However, I DO care to see colors on the Global Mode.  I DO care to see a nice audio player, a nice video player, with some functions and colors, and you know what i mean… 

They are able to make the changes.  They won’t, though.  Which is sad, since they give the impression that they don’t understand where the game is being played.

This is what happened yesterday

I wrote an article for the MET, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Then i published the article.  Then, i wanted to make some changes and i hit “edit”.  White page, dear !  Nothing else, but a white page !

I tried again and again.  Nothing ! I started making maneuvers :  “Let’s copy this, let’s paste here and there, let’s see… nothing.  Well, i maybe should do this and that… nothing.  Let’s put it to trash and write a new post.  Oh, nice !  It works !  Let’s check the Reader, the Global Mode.”

On the wp Reader, the Global Mode

When i saw the feed, with your posts, and my post in there, i clicked on my post, and i was able to see the whole article as it was when i wrote it.  Then, i hit my name under the profile picture on the left (still on Reader) and i was able to see only the feed with my own posts. 

Nothing special, since the same thing happens to everyone.  But now, when i hit on the post, i get only the featured image with an excerpt, not the whole post.

I repeat the way i moved before.  First, on the feed with everyone’s posts, and then on the feed with my own posts.  Same status, dear.  I repeat myself again and again !  Same status !

Suddenly !

Suddenly, i see the post of mine with a different title… lol… and a blue heart !…

WOW !!!  On the Global Mode !  On the Reader !

Take a look !

Let’s quote you, dear. Yes, dear, i rise up stronger each time. How wonderful !…

There is more !

Different profile picture !  This is when on reader :

And this is the profile picture when on the blog :

Today, when on the Reader, there is no issue with the wp toolbar on the top and the notification table :

An empty notification table (actually, with a permanent loading circle) when i change tabs, when i hit the “visit” button on the Reader to visit my blog. 

Ps :

The suggestion was to clear the cache… lol… Yeah, sure, i did that, but… let me play a song, dear friends… haha… Crazy stuff !

4 thoughts on “Security wp issues ?

      1. I agree. They make a lot of money. The chat is closed because they have some annual meeting going on. They will be back but I go crazier with them most of the times so, I understand. Have a good night.


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