Incompatible Plugins

incompatible Plugins

NOT supported here at WordPress .com |


Wonderful !  Here’s the information :

Outosego .com

I just exported the content of my blog.  And i will try to install a plugin.  Only, and just only one -the most simple and non dangerous one- in order to activate the jetpack’s backup function.  I want to get a second backup.

And, THEN, i’m gonna “play” with the plugins.

The last time i had to revert the site, since some of the plugins – actually, i installed only three, not a big deal- caused a mess.  Anyway, if you have no news, you’ ll know… lol…

Outosego .com

Ps:  if you click on the category of mine : category/blocked , you’ll find information and details of what had happened back then, and observations which i sent -with as many details as i could- to the wp engineers.  Let me play a song.

Incompatible Plugins
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