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not an art, and no good, dear

Blogging :

Not an art, dear.  I know that some people want to get some money out of this, and in order to turn the lights on them they use -for their sites, websites or blogs- the title : “The Art of Blogging”, or : “Blogging is an Art”, or something close to this title.

When i see something like this, i do not follow.  And, please, my dear blogging “artists”, do not follow me.

I have the same attitude, when i see written in an “About” page -as part of the introduction of thyself- the following : “Creative Writer”, or “Creative Writing”.


Blogging “artists” :

For the “artists” of blogging, i won’t say much.  They are funny.  Most of them are poor advertisers.  Poor in knowledge and selling methods, very poor.  I have nothing against selling products, and nothing against money.  Money are always welcomed.  And i like to buy words, things and stuff (mostly poetry, books and hats).

However, when i visit your websites, my dear blogging “artists”, i really laugh.  So, you better be straight with your words.  Blogging is not an art, my dear blogging “artists”.  It’s obvious that you have no idea what art is, and what art means.

It is much better to write : “I sell this product.  It does this and that.  If you’ re interested, and you want to buy, click on this button.  I really do thank you”.  And this advise of mine will help you a lot to sell.  Additionally, you won’t have to write extra bullshits, you ‘ll be on the spot, and you’ll show some respect for the real artists.

Knowing to click a few buttons doesn’t make you an artist, my dear blogging “artists”.  Not at all.


“Creative writers” :

I have a huge respect for the previous generation(s).  The social and economic status of their era -and a few wars- ruined them.  Nevertheless, they managed -as much as they could, as much as they were allowed, as much as they knew- to go on in life.

Most of them were wonderful story tellers and writers and poets, despite the fact that they didn’t have the chance to go to school.  Because of the fucken wars, dear, and not only.

Since i have memories, and since i’m able to compare your words with their words, and  able to compare their era with your era, you better avoid using the phrases : “Creative writer” or “Creative writing”, my wonderful “creative writers”.  It is much better to write “I’m a journalist“.

“Creative writing”  is a fashion, dear.  A few journalists had a wonderful idea, to create a few “schools”, and to sell their product.  Not a bad idea, i have to admit.  However, their product is of no value.  I’m able to read and to compare words, things and stuff.

You should better buy books and start studying the writing styles, the schemes, the different waves of the language, and much more.  Or, you should better start reading some wonderful bloggers, really wonderful writers and poets.  Additionally, if you know nothing about pain and sorrow,  do not expect much.

My advise to the wonderful young people is to avoid writing the above phrases to their CV’s, or wherever.  It is much better -and more than enough- to write the following simple words: “writer”, “poet”, “struggling author”.


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Ps : That’s it for the moment, dear friends. Take care.  Let me play a song.

Outosego .com

17 thoughts on “not an art, and no good, dear

    1. They are bullshitting the people, dear, that there is some kind of art behind the blogging. To make a left click, and a right click, using your mouse, is an art according to them.

      Thank you for your comment, Nzain. To be honest, i prefer the word “critique” instead of the word “criticism’. To me, there is a big difference . The gap is long. Just saying, though. Do not misunderstand, it has nothing to do with you. Thanks again, NZain.

      1. Aww—I’m smiling right now—I wish I could say this to you in person with a glass of wine or cup of coffee…but I’ll just have to do my best here….”but, Outosego… it’s ALLLL about me…no?”

        “Constructive critique”critique is a pretty word—without the ism attached—yes, I agree with you, Outosego. Critique it is. I wonder—how do you see the difference between criticism and critique?

        How to tell someone—with their best interest in mind—“You SUCK!” Or “Hey…you’ve got talent, kid!”

        How to say: “it’s nothing personal…it’s political.” Or, “I don’t take it personally that you would ‘unfollow’ me for my politics.”

        To me, in my older age—I want to see most everything I do as art. To be “appreciated either for its beauty or emotional value”. Sure—the way I keep and clean our house for example…I am practicing—and it is an ongoing daily practice—see blog posts for details 😉

        But there is also the skill side of things as well—the technical. This too I am having to learn. Left click…oops hit the wrong button! Sigh…

        Yes, there are always those out there who scam and bullshit..always…

        This is an interesting post and thank you for the interaction—I appreciate it—lots to learn here.
        Thank you and you are welcome!

        1. Wonderful comment, dear. Haha… you really enjoyed it, right ? Criticism is a wonderful word for those who want to keep our mouths firmly shut, NZain. I think i should write a post on this.

          I don’t blame you, dear, for your soul’s wonderful and noble attitude, to see art in almost everything you do. Actually, this is wonderful. I’m with you on this. Allow me, though, to keep insisting that blogging is not an art. It is just another medium. A wonderful one, but nothing more than a medium. The user, though, might be a wonderful artist, undoubtedly and without any question. A wonderful poet, writer, photographer, painter, etc.

          The funny thing is that they try to bullshit this kind of people, and this kind of values, the so-called blogging “artists”. Not fair, dear. Not at all.

          1. Ah! I hear you. Yes, blogging is just another medium—with which to express ourselves and our art. Like video. Art/skill?

            And it is a wonderful medium! I am so grateful to have had the support of my husband to explore the blogging realm. Grateful to the folks behind WP for making this all possible. Like any of the other platforms. It’s been an awesome experience for me. Healing on so many levels…

            Blogging artist? Oh my—sounds pretentious, eh? Ah well…I suppose in my youth I was just as Or more pretentious—which is exactly why I can say that now! HA!

            It’s taken me years to accept my natural state IS as an artist. This was discouraged all throughout my childhood. But that’s ok too. I am who I am today because of it. And I’m happy.

            Yes, do write a post on criticism! And make sure to send me a link, ok? 🙂

    1. I know this isn’t new to you, but thank you, Gav, for your support. My opinion is that the young people -somehow- should better avoid to follow the paths i’m criticizing. Not because i said so, or because i’m the “wise” one, but because it is so obvious to the eyes of our generation. I think we are the last generation with this kind of connection with the past, and this is why we are able to compare things, words and stuff.

      1. I totally agree, it is exactly like short stories, teaching the ways of the land passed down through tribes people. If a generation fails to pass on the knowledge, it’s lost forever.

        Today, in modern society, in some disciplines, being individual is a skill in itself, and teachings such as yours in this post can nurture that skill.

    1. Thank you, Rubal .o, for your comment. Actually, my purpose is not to make an impression. I just wrote a few things which i think that the young people should better avoid to follow as a practice.

      1. To me it was impressive for that very reason. I didn’t mean you were making an impression. But the fact that you want to draw young people’s attention to such sensible advice impressed me. I don’t read it often elsewhere, while I think of it often; let’s call it, then, “strikingly appropriate” instead of “impressive” 😀

        1. Wonderful comment. And you got a deal, dear ! Let’s call it the way you wrote it… haha…

          I really do thank you. And i think -actually, i do believe it is much more beneficial- they should better start reading you Rubal. o, and Julie, and Yvonne, and Gav, and Altair, and Racol ta Petru, and Keith Garrett, and Doree, and so many more wonderful writers and poets and artists who have blogs.

          1. Oh, that was such a compliment, to be included in the list of the “ones that should be read to learn from”. Never in my life would I have thought… 🙂 Anyway, I just wanted to say that I liked your post, we set it right and now I can get to sleep nicely, haha… Thank you, Outosego. As always.

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