Day: August 31, 2019

Acheron river

Acheron | the river of Hades

The Feeder

designer's posters

Reggae Poster Contest

To whoever might be interested. 

Some pictures


i'm Nick Galis

i’m Nick Galis

Aline Smithson

Rearrange mom

Aline Smithson is a visual artist, educator, and editor based in Los Angeles, California.  You’ll discover more about her if you click on : Aline Smithson | About This project is entitled : Arrangement in Green and Black.  Portraits of the photographer’s mother.   You may … Continue reading Rearrange mom


nominated for the Versatile Award

Outosego, for once again, is nominated for an Award. The Versatile Award.


Oh anxiety, thank you! (said no one ever)

This is so upsetting. A common tactic, though, for an extra visit and some extra money.

The Met Store

The Met Store

Met Museum | NYC