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i’ll lose friends, i know

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Friends :

I know, i’ ll lose friends.  Some wonderful friends, i have to admit.  Wonderful people, indeed.


Critique :

Because of my critique.  Critique is, always, unwelcomed.  Unless, if you write -or say-  things, stuff and words that are very welcomed.  Well, i write both ways, because i experience both sides of life.  And because i have, already, experiences.  Like you have, i assume.  And because i don’t have much time left for being extremely patient or extremely kind.

A general critique might be a bit unfair, sometimes.  There is a risk.  It doesn’t matter if it is more or less unfair, it is unfair.  On the other hand, a more precise critique might be unfair, also.

It seems like the most fair thing is to swallow my tongue.  But I won’t.  I’m very aware of the present status quo : “Extremely Sensitive People”.  Which is wonderful !  The words, though, are not guns.  The words are not bullets.  The words do not kill.

My wonderful young people, you should better get used to it, and -why not- start making a critique.  I don’t use the word “criticism”, and i have my reasons.  The word “criticism” is a wonderful word which serves the ones who would love to see you with mouths firmly shut.  You have time, and you’ ll get the idea.  Funny ?  Yeah, sure.


The World :

How wish I…  Let me play a song.



outosego .com

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