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a bad dream, i won’t

a bad dream } outosego .com

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Very bad.  I won’t write anything for the moment.  Not a word, dear.  Not yet, at least.  Bad dream !

Who makes the dreams ?  The stress ?  Partially, yes.  And, partially, NO.  “Stress” is a convenient answer, a “scientific” one.  Which means, you better worry, you better follow your instinct.  Actually, i’m not able to follow anything.   What to follow ? How can i ?  I just walk the mile of a pre-defined destination, in shoes which are not mine.

Pre-defined !?…  Not by me.  I don’t have any control, neither do you.  I built a few things, though.  Just like you did.  For the sake of a few people, first and firstly.  Later on, to make the soul happy.  We call it “Free-will”.  Because we like to bullshit ourselves.  Partially there is, and partially there isn’t.  “Free will” is a wonderful term for the politicians to use.  Self explanatory it is.  The poets like to use the term “desire”, instead.  I’m with the poets on this, they know.

I’m a puppet.  A game, for the Gods to play with it a bit, to enjoy themselves, to have some fun.  Oh, how much i hate you, gods !

outosego .com

2 thoughts on “a bad dream, i won’t

  1. After a bad dream, how life is more beautiful. The sun is more beautiful, the air softer, the cats lazy than usual … It’s personal but all the harm that happens to me makes me love the good that I see. No ?

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