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    1. haha… you will, dear. One day in the future you ‘ll visit Crete. And because you ‘re an amazing writer and an amazing poetess, i’ ll write a post in the future for the poetry and the Cretans, and i think you will find it very interesting.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Jen. A video is always a video, dear. I mean you can do whatever it takes to look nice. On the other hand, Crete is wonderful. Not only because of the beauty, but, also, because of the customs, the art, the poetry, the music, the tradition, the culture, the history, the archaeology, the architecture. So many things. I wish you happy and safe travels. It is nice to meet you. Take care.


    1. haha… food is awesome ! How long are you gonna stay in Crete, Gen – X ? What’s your plan for Crete ?

      Ps : You can keep it a secret, though… lol… since you have posts to write. You don’t have to reveal your plan… lol

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      1. No big secret! Lol…Plaka area of Athens first night then Crete for 7 nights 6 days! First Chania for 4 days and planing on doing some beaches! Elofonsia and Balos. Then Sietan Limania beach and Katholico Monastary and Beach. Theres some hiking with this which we like!! Also hoping to get to Frangokastello and Prevalli Beach. I know this is a lot with some driving but we are early birds and these are just tentative, depending on weather, etc. After that, 2 days in Elounda. On the way there we plan on Knossos and Zeus Cave, windmills if time. Would love to go to Spinalonga. So we have many plans but nothing set in stone!! I don’t think we will make it to the hippie beach but you never know!! Also Santorini for 3 days and then back to Athens!

        If you have any great suggestions would love to hear!
        Sorry this is such a long comment, I am just so excited!!!!! We will celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary on this trip!!!

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      2. Wedding Anniversary ! Wonderful, Gen – X ! I wish you both, great health, happiness and longevity, plus happy and safe travels.

        Ps : Your plan is great, Lori. Enjoy as much as you can. Crete is a huge island, the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, and Corsica. So, even if you have plenty of time, it’s a bit difficult to “discover” everything. If you’ re gonna rent a car or a bike, be careful, very careful, since the distances are not short, and there a lot of “sharp” turnings. You’ re gonna have some wonderful time. Trust the locals, they know and they are willing to help, no matter what. Do not hesitate to ask questions.

        Ps 2 : I don’t mind long comments. Actually, i enjoy the comments. I like chat chat… lol

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      3. I like chatting as well! I know we can’t do everything but at least we have some direction of what we want to do! I have heard the roads are a bit testy there. Steve will be driving as he does most of the driving when we are in the mountains, etc. Plus I don’t like to drive much! We rented an SUV as friends of ours our going as well. I am very excited to find villages along the way where we can get away from some of the touristy things. I do trust the locals! They always know the best places to see and especially the best places to eat!!!!!! Thanks for the words of wisdom!!

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      4. Renting a car is much better. There are roads without any issue, in Crete, but there are roads with issues. Santorini is worse, though, in terms of driving and roads, and i think the locals in Santorini are a bit spoiled. Anyway, the Cretans are wonderful, a bit crazy here and there, but, always, wonderful.

        Ps : You’ re clever and wise, dear. Enjoy !

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      5. Thanks!!! Supposedly to drive to Balos rental companies want you to rent an SUV? As for Santorini, As we were leaving the port last time we went and going up the huge hill Steve said he would never drive in Santorini and he became more sure of that as we were driven through Fira! This time around he says he is still not driving in Santorini!!! I respect his decision and we will either use the bus, call a cab, or walk!!!

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      6. To be honest, i have no idea how the pre-rental works, the deals and all these stuff, especially when you arrange things from a distance. I understand, though, what you mean. And i think i should write a post on this, on how i move when i visit Greece.

        Ps 1 : Steve is right. Keep in mind that most of the islands have the kind of issues we are talking about, and the tourists should be very careful when they drive. Especially, during the night (narrow roads, poor street lights). Not only in Greece, of course. Since we are talking for the islands in Greece, though, i have to warn the people. Especially the young people who are very excited and they love to rent bikes, and they drink alcohol, dear, and they drive being drunk or deezy, on roads they don’t know and they are not familiar with. This is not fun. This is DANGEROUS.

        Ps 2 : The reason why the islands have the problems we are talking about is because :

        i. The weather, dear. Life is not what it looks like, during the summer,
        when you’ re visiting a place as a tourist. During the winter is much more different, and a bit hard for the locals to deal with different kind of weather phenomena and damages. Sometimes, huge damages.

        Ps : 3 The volcano in Santorini is still active… lol… but you won’t have any issues. They are aware. Lots of tools and equipment, dear, on the volcano to observe… You should, also, visit Akrotiri, if you haven’t. You’ ll be surprised of the archaeological discovery. Prehistoric village with two and three floor houses, and much more. The paintings on the walls are wonderful.


      7. Great information! Yes, as a tourist we only see the sunny bright side of things! That is why I so enjoy chatting with locals, learning what life is actually like. We went to Akrotiri last year when we were there and it was amazing! I must say, in all my travels, that so far, Greeks appear to be the happiest most down to earth people! Very friendly and helpful!

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      8. A few years ago, i was driving from Athens to Arcadia, which is a place in Peloponnese, during the winter. Because of the snow, i had to make a stop somewhere. There was a village, a small one, and it was almost night. Despite its beauty, it was like i was in Sahara. I was looking for people to ask questions, but I couldn’t find. Then, i said to myself that the locals, usually, like to visit the kafeneio, the coffee store (shop or whatever you wanna call it).

        There was one, actually. The one and only in the village, but it was hard to find it, since i didn’t know the place. It was a store which was a bit of everything. You could have a coffee, or you could buy a few necessary
        things for your house, or could sit and eat something. A simple and bit messy coffee-market-restaurant in the middle of nowhere ! However, i tasted the most wonderful food i could ever had. LOL !…

        Ps : It is nice to hear that you didn’t have any issues with the Greeks. I think, though, that wherever i go, i can find wonderful people. I live in US, and i say the same thing you just said for the greeks, but for the Manhattanesse -in my case – the New Yorkers, who i Love by the way.

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