Vanilla Papers | Dee

Vanilla Papers | Dee

Vanilla Papers | Dee

outosego .com

Dee is a wonderful writer, photographer, traveler.  She is passionate about slow travel and simple living.  And this is why she keeps herself young, dear.

She is an expat in Cairo, Egypt.  Since she is Cairo-based, she knows a lot about Cairo and Egypt.  She is, also, a wonderful blogger.  She owns “Vanilla Papers”.

I like her writing style and the information I get when I read her articles.  I, also, like her pictures.  Because she gives you the opportunity to “taste” or to see different aspects of what we call “everyday life”.

outosego .com



Vanilla Papers | Dee


I suggest to take a look, to like her, to follow her, to ask questions.  She’ll be more than happy to answer back.  You may click on the following, dear friends :


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Vanilla Papers | Dee


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