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Sometimes, i feel uncomfortable


Because of the gods :

…and the relationship we have, me and the gods.

Partially, it is their fault.  And, partially, it is their fault again.


The Attitude :

First year in the Law school, and you ‘re gonna hear that your attitude is not a static “thing”,  it is a dynamic “thing”.  Which means that you behave accordingly to the occasion.  The key factor, in any case, is the attitude of somebody else towards you.

Same thing you’ re gonna hear from the political sciences, and the diplomats, and not only.  Same thing happens in the world that we call “Kingdom of the animals”.  And not because they are animals, dear.  Do not misunderstand, please.


Pericles :

He was an animal, dear.  What else can you expect from a politician ?  What do you expect, dear ?  But he was a democrat.  The historians praise him.  “The golden 5th century of democracy”, it is written somewhere.  Before Jesus, of course.

Solon and Cleisthenes, are the ones who they should praise.  Not Pericles, dear.  Not at all !

Pericles, though, said something for which i had to think a lot.  He said : “It’s not enough to be right.  You need to have the POWER to defend your rights.”.

I have come to the conclusion -despite the cynical thought, and expression, and speech of his- that the charlatan was right !  It is the need, and this why you must.  You must have -or find- the power, dear, to defend your rights.  NOT enough to be right.  Which means that you have to be ready for a fight.


Si vis pacem para bellum, dear :

If you want peace, you have to be ready and prepared for the opposite, which is the war, dear.  It sounds cynical, but it isn’t.  And even if you’ re right, dear, you have to be prepared to defend your rights in case that someone else won’t hesitate to disrespect you and your rights.   You will be forced -even if you don’t want to- to behave accordingly.


Alexandros was forced : 

Same thing happened to Alexandros.  Not the great Alexander.  Another great man of our era, a journalist and a writer, an unknown to you.   He was forced by his cancer to defend his right to euthanasia.  He didn’t want to, but he was forced to behave accordingly.   He didn’t want to, but he was forced … not by you, not by me, not by anyone.   But he was forced, though… to defend his right to dignity.

The gods, dear, were jealous of him.  They left him with no choice.  Actually, they left him with only one choice.  And like Alexandros, so many people…  So many people, dear.  So many people… with only one choice.

Same thing with our beloved animals, dear.  Same thing.  A bit worse, i dare to say,  since they don’t speak the same language with the humans, and since the humans take the decisions on their behalf.


Uncomfortable :

I feel uncomfortable because -despite my critique to the gods- there are people out there who have faith in gods, and they are wonderful people, great people.   With their problems, their struggles, but with dignity, and principles, and values.  And not only this. They  share my “heretical” thoughts, dear !  A wonderful gentleman -who happens to be a wonderful poet by the way- reblogged one of my posts on the topic.

I felt uncomfortable and i made a comment to thank him, and to warn him for the content of my post, since my intention is not to offend anyone but to express my thoughts, my feelings, my struggles.  And because, sometimes, people share the posts without reading the content.

I had to write :  “Thank you, Sir, for reblogging my thoughts. This article of mine is a bit “heretical”, though, and i don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. In any case, thank you for once again and have a wonderful day.”

The wonderful gentleman, though, answered back :  “I caught that. Ideas not necessarily based on anything is what philosophers tend to do. Yet acknowledging reality outside of your own would be helpful. Whatever is said, in my opinion, here will influence SOMEBODY….or whole groups of people. THAT is why I tread carefully but maintain an “open market place”, if you will accept that concept—not an open free-for-all, though—I have my own values and objectives, as you Sir are probably aware….! a good day–and week–to you, sir!”

I have to thank Jonathan again, and to place a link which leads to his blog in order to read his thoughts and his wonderful poetry.  You may click on :  Jonathan Caswell

outosego .com

Ps :  I might be disrespectful to the gods, but i acknowledge the kindness, the generosity, and the beauty of some wonderful people -they might be many- and i respect -by nature- these virtues.  Take care, dear friends, and thank you for passing by, and for liking Outosego.

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9 thoughts on “Sometimes, i feel uncomfortable

    1. Thank you, Kara, for the compliment. I think, I act accordingly to the occasion. I don’t know to tell if this is “kindness. If it is, though, it is not a fake one. Have a wonderful day, dear.


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