hashtag your Tweets

hashtag your Tweets

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#Hashtag :

Same way like you use to hashtag your pictures on the insta, or when you’ re on facebook, or when you’ re on pinterest, or wherever you are.  Why ?  For the same reason you place tags for your posts, blogger.  To be discovered.


#Problem :

There is an issue, though.  It has to do with the wordpress.  When you use the autopilot, your posts to your social are traveling without hashtags.

There is an option on the wordpress, which is the option to connect your social accounts with your blog.  And you don’t have to click any sharing buttons in order to share your posts to your social accounts.  It happens automatically.

UNFORTUNATELY, though, and despite the fact it is convenient not to hit buttons all the time, our posts travel towards our social without coordinates, without a plan or a “map”.

Which means you have to think a bit, if it is beneficial to use the wordpress option.


#Dilemma :

“To use or not to use ?”.  This is the question, dear.

If you’ re tired, if you are happy with the followers you have, if… if… if… use the wordpress option.

Otherwise, dear, it is much more beneficial not to use the option, and -despite you’re tired- to place your keywords with the well known symbol in front… #

outosego .com

Ps : That was it.  Thank you for liking Outosego, and for your wonderful comments.  I ‘d like to inform you that i created an extra place for my funny video music clips.  I created a second blog, dear.  And every time you want to have some fun, you’ ll be able to click on my menu to find : OutosegoClips

And i placed an image in my widget area, to make your life easier.  I wanna make you happy, dear !  Thank you, dear friends.  Take care and enjoy.

outosego .com





3 thoughts on “hashtag your Tweets

  1. This might be why my following on twitter has not really grown, I usually forget to hashtag and I share the post directly from wordpress. But to be honest I really don’t monitor my twitter but I will see if improving my hashtagging helps. As always thanks for the great tip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’ re welcome, Nyri. Thank for passing by, and for your comment. Happy and safe travels, dear.

      Ps : i read your article about the Napa Valley. What a wonderful place ! And your pictures are amazing, and Crystal Clear ! Now i’m reading about your visit to the Bastogne Museum. Extremely interesting, and your description and approach are wonderful. Take care, Nyri, and thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, I spend a lot of time stressing over pictures because I want people to get a clear picture of what I am seeing so they might be encouraged to take the trip. But I’m learning to just have fun because that’s when what I capture is the best.

        Liked by 1 person

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